2022 NFL Draft: Hutchinson and Gardner Lead Cowherd’s Top 10

With 262 selections distributed in seven rounds, the NFL Draft it is almost impossible to predict.

This even applies to the top 10 picks, and Colin Cowherd was exhausted by the annual predictions always going wrong. So this time, he took a different approach. Cowherd listed the 10 players he would pick if he were in the shoes of a general manager.

“This is my dream job,” Cowherd said. “This is what I would do. This is my rationalization for each choice.”

10. New York jets: Carlos CruzOT, State of Mississippi

Notable facts of 2021: 2021 first-team All-SEC, allowed just two sacks in 719 pass-blocking snaps.

Colin’s rationalization: “Cross might not be an all-time left tackle, but if I were the Jets, I would be very offensive in the draft.”

9. Seattle Seahawks: Derek Stingley Jr.DB, LSU

2021 season stats (3 games): Eight tackles, 3.5 tackles per loss, one forced fumble (played in just three games due to Lisfranc injury)

Colin’s rationalization: He’s never been as good as his freshman year, but the kid is ridiculous. A three-year holder at LSU. Just long, athletic, fast. He’s an amazing player. Is he their Jalen? Ramsey?”

8. Atlanta Falcons: Garrett WilsonWR, Ohio State

2021 season stats (11 games): 70 receptions, 1,058 receiving yards, 12 receiving touchdowns, 2021 All-Big Ten second-team selection

Colin’s rationalization: “He’s gotten better every year at Ohio State, and Calvin Ridley isn’t around. That reception core is a mess. It’s a tight ending and a bunch of bullshit. He’s Calvin Ridley for a year, then Calvin steps in, and these guys battle it out for No. 1.”

7. New York giants: Travon WalkerIN, Georgia

2021 season stats (13 games): 33 tackles, six sacks, one fumble recovered, recorded a sack in each Georgia College Football Playoff game

Colin’s rationalization: “Most people think he’s going to be number 1. He’s not productive enough. He started in a year. That’s not me. You have to give me numbers and bags. I think he’s a great athlete. , and everyone loves his traits.”

6. Carolina Panthers: Malik WillisQB, Freedom

2021 season stats (13 games): 207 of 339 passes (61.1%), 2,857 yards, 27 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 878 yards and 13 touchdowns

Colin’s rationalization: “[Carolina] I already told Sam Darnold that they’re going to draft a quarterback, so why not pick the best? Why draft one in the third round that won’t be as good as Sam Darnold? I think you can put [Willis] on offense too early because of his athleticism. He’s going to find things out.”

5. New York giants: Evan NealOT, Alabama

Notable facts of 2021: 2021 Consensus All-American, 2021 Outland Trophy semifinalist, has only allowed 24 QB snaps in the past two seasons

Colin’s rationalization: “I don’t love his feet, but he’s been a starter for three years under Nick Saban. [He’s] 6 feet-7, 320 [pounds], and the Giants had the 30th offensive line. This isn’t a great draft, but it’s in great need, so I would go get it.”

4. New York jets: Kayvon ThibodeauxIN, Oregon

2021 season stats (10 games): 49 tackles, seven sacks, two forced fumbles, 2021 unanimous All-American

Colin’s rationalization: “The Jets haven’t had a player with more than 10 sacks in seven years. This kid was just a sack machine. He’s going to play. He’s restless and strong. The bottom line is, if you just ask him to rush the passer , he can do that. Can he play in space? He can do that.”

3. houston texans: Ikem EkwonuLO, NC State

Notable facts of 2021: 2021 unanimous All-American, 2021 Outland Trophy finalist, allowed just three sacks in 400 pass-blocking snaps in 2021

Colin’s rationalization: “I don’t know how big he’s going to be, but there’s zero chance he’s going to miss. Great feet, 320 [pounds], allowed two sacks in 880 snaps. This is big boy football. The Houston Texans’ offensive line sucks, 29th in the league, and they’re taking offers for Laremy Tunsil.”

two. Detroit Lions: Ahmad “Sauce” GardnerCB, Cincinnati

2021 season stats (13 games): 40 tackles, three sacks, three interceptions, 2021 consensus All-American, 2021 AAC Defensive Player of the Year

Colin’s rationalization: “Sauce Gardner never allowed a touchdown pass in college, didn’t allow a catch for 20+ yards, and Nick Saban said when they played with him, they walked away from him. And the Lions’ pass defense allowed 69 touchdown passes. last year. stinky.”

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Aidan HutchinsonIN, Michigan

2021 season stats (14 games): 62 tackles, 14 sacks, two forced fumbles, setting the record for sacks in a single season in Michigan

Colin’s rationalization: “Highest ranked college football player. I know what he is: extremely productive. He led the Big Ten with 14 sacks. He has all the production I need. I want production, not just features.”

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