Amber Heard blames Johnny Depp’s teacup named Boo for feces found in the couple’s bed

Amber Heard blamed Johnny Depp’s teacup Yorkie named Boo for the infamous incident where feces were left on the couple’s bed.

During court testimony at the couple’s multimillion-dollar defamation trial on Monday, Heard hit back at the allegation that she called the incident a “joke gone wrong”.

Heard told the court she wouldn’t find it funny and was also “in no mood for pranks” at the time, after allegedly being “attacked” by Depp the day before.

“Absolutely not,” she said of the suggestion that she staged the incident as a joke. “First of all, I don’t find it funny. I don’t know what a grown woman does.”

“I wasn’t in the mood for jokes either. My life was falling apart… I had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband who I was desperately in love with,” she said.

Heard told the court that the dog ate Depp’s weed as a puppy and has had bowel control issues ever since.

Boo used to share the couple’s bed with them and they would often leave the dog on the bed as if they put him on the floor, he would immediately go to the bathroom, she said.

That day, Heard said that she and her friend were packing to go to the Coachella music festival to celebrate her 30th birthday.

She said they left Boo in bed while they got ready, suggesting the dog was responsible.

Depp previously testified that human feces were left on the bed he shared with Heard days after the couple had a falling out in 2016.

He claimed he wanted to visit her Los Angeles penthouse to pick up some belongings while she was away, but found it “wasn’t a good time to go there” after he was shown a picture of “our bed and my side of the bed was human faecal matter”.

Depp’s bodyguard and driver, Starling Jenkins, testified that Heard told him the feces was a “joke that went terribly wrong.”

He said he had a conversation with the actress where she allegedly made the shocked admission as he drove her to Coachella.

“We had a conversation about the surprise she had left in the boss’s bed before she left the apartment,” Jenkins said.

Heard told the court on Monday that Starling drove her and her friends back from Coachella, but that she “didn’t talk to him”, was never alone with him and was sitting in the back of the vehicle with a friend. .

Heard returned to the bench for a third day of depositions when the trial resumed after a week-long break on Monday.

Depp is suing his ex-wife for defamation in a 2018 editorial she wrote for. The Washington Post where she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean The actor is not named in the article, titled “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That has to change”.

However, Depp claims this falsely implies that he is a domestic abuser – something he vehemently denies – and that has left him struggling to get roles in Hollywood. He is suing for $50 million.

Heard is suing for $100 million, accusing Depp of orchestrating a “smear campaign” against her and describing his lawsuit as a continuation of “abuse and harassment.”

The trial began April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia, with explosive depositions taking place inside the courtroom.

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