AMD launches Radeon RX 6400 at entry-level prices

Without a big announcement, AMD releases a new Radeon graphics card that is considered more powerful than a GTX 1650 and GTX 1050.


Any PC gamer who doesn’t have an unlimited amount of wealth will know how difficult it is to buy a graphics card in today’s market. With shortages and scalpers raising the prices of both OMG and Nvidia cards, many are deciding to simply skip this generation of cards and see if they can keep an older GTX 980 running longer. Lately, things are looking a little better for the market, as some GPUs are now just 12% off their MSRP, while other graphics cards are being put up for sale.


Also, it looks like AMD is looking to help those who don’t have the budget for cards that can still cost well over $1,000. The computing company has quietly released a new card for entry-level machines recently. At a recommended price of $159, the Radeon RX 6400 will not run the latest games at 4K 120fps with ray tracing. However, it appears to be an affordable and decent gaming card for any gamer looking to build an entry-level PC.

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This marks the second graphics card that AMD has shown off this year so far, with the RX 6500 XT being unveiled in January. The RX 6400 shares some similar features to the RX 6500 XT, which is branded as a competitor to Nvidia’s 3050 card. Both entry-level cards include a 6nm Navi 24 GPU. However, the RX 6400 is not as powerful as the 6500 XT. The RX 6400 is still marked as a competitor to the GTX 1650 as it uses less power, meaning a PC that contains it won’t need such a powerful PSU.

To play games like CS:GO, Overwatch, and a few other older titles, the RX 6400 is likely to be a good performing card. There is the potential bottleneck issue with the 6400, especially when it is placed on older PCIe 2.0 systems. As the card will likely be used as a replacement for an obsolete or inactive GPU on an older machine, this is something to watch out for. Currently, some PC gamers believe that the price is a little too high. While scalpers and miners have no reason to buy this card in bulk, the price can drop quickly. As mentioned, the prices of other GPUs are also dropping constantly, which means that any gamer looking to upgrade their machine might find that now is a good time to do so.

Any gamer looking to make a big deal out of an RTX 30 series or Radeon 6000 card might want to wait a little longer. If predictions are to be believed, the two major graphics card producers will have a new series of graphics cards released in 2022. When this will be announced is unknown, but it could see the price of current generation graphics cards plummet further.

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