AnkerWork’s new PowerConf C200 Budget 2K Webcam performs great

If you use an older laptop, you probably already know that the quality of these devices can be shockingly poor. And if you use a desktop computer, you know they don’t come with a webcam, so you need to do the hard work of tracking down a good quality webcam for all your Teams, Zoom and Skype meetings when working from home. There are a lot of low quality webcams on the market, so whenever I find a good one, I like to write about it here.

The last webcam to land on my table for review is the AnkerWork PowerConf C200. Regular readers will know that I loved the AnkerWork PowerConf C300 when I reviewed it a while ago. Well, now AnkerWork has released this affordable webcam that has 2K HD resolution and a built-in privacy shutter. There aren’t many bells and whistles on this model, but what it does, it does well.

The PowerConf C200 has a smart small square shape and connects using a detachable USB-C cable that ends in a USB A plug to the host computer. The webcam has an integral collapsible stand that allows it to be securely placed on the lid of a laptop or on top of a computer monitor. The bracket also includes a standard thread to mount the webcam to a variety of clamps, grips or tripods.

While the PowerConf C200 is plug-and-play with most Windows or macOS systems, the AnkerWork software is a handy free download that can be used to adjust important settings like image resolution, viewing angle, and even an anti-aging function. flicker. The software also allows manual settings to be adjusted such as brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. The image can also be inverted if that’s how you like to see things.

The final settings tab in the AnkerWork software is for selecting the pickup pattern for the webcam’s two built-in AI and noise canceling microphones. One setting toggles the default between omnidirectional and directional and the audio is stereo. The quality of the microphones is excellent and should be more than adequate for most users.

The webcam’s image sensor has a maximum resolution of 1440p (2K) and can be reduced to 360p for slow connections. The lens’ field of view can be switched between 65°, 78° and 95°. The two widest settings are useful for meetings in a larger room, where you need to fit more people into the picture. The 65° setting is ideal for a single user and relatively flattering compared to wider settings.

The image quality produced by the PowerConf C200 is clear and the best part about this affordable little webcam is how well it adjusts exposure in low-light or backlit situations. Autofocus is responsive and images are sharp, though perhaps not as clear as the PowerConf C300.

The image quality of the PowerConf C200 does not match AnkerWork’s more expensive PowerConf C300, which uses the H264 video codec. The C200 has a built-in privacy cover that can be turned on and off using a small slider on top of the webcam. The privacy cover sheets are made of bright red plastic so it’s easy to see when privacy is on. There is also a white LED that lights up when the webcam is active.

Verdict: The AnkerWork PowerConf C200 is a great value webcam and the square design looks great on top of a monitor or laptop cover. The 2K resolution is probably a gimmick as most video conferencing software doesn’t support resolutions higher than 1080p, but it can’t be long before some of them do. The best part of the PowerConf C200 is how well it handles low light settings and backlit scenes. Many webcams I’ve reviewed don’t seem to handle a brighter background well and tend to make the user’s face look too dark. Whether you need to upgrade the webcam on your laptop or want one for your office desktop computer, the AnkerWork PowerConf C200 is great value for money.

Prices and Availability: $69.99.

More information:

Technical specifications:

  • Resolution: 2K/1440.
  • Focus type: Autofocus.
  • Built-in microphone: AI Stereo (directional and omnidirectional).
  • USB Connectivity: USB-A and USB-C termination on the webcam.
  • Device Compatibility: Mac OS 10.14+ and Windows 7/8/10.
  • Software Compatibility: Mac OS 10.14+ and Windows 7/8/10 2.0.
  • USB Speed: 2.0.
  • Video codec: MJPEG YUV
  • Field of view: 65°, 78°, 95°.

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