Bethesda Steam Migration causes some players to miss DLC, more

Some trying to migrate their game libraries from Bethesda Launcher to Steam aren’t getting all of their purchases afterwards.

Bethesda it is now fully owned by Microsoft and a victim of that acquisition is Bethesda Launcher, the company’s PC platform similar to EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s Connect. Microsoft is shutting down Bethesda Launcher, but before that happens, it’s allowing users to convert their purchases to Steam. The process, however, is not going well for all Bethesda Launcher users. Some are reporting that some of their purchases are not showing up correctly on Steam.


Users are having various issues converting their purchases from Bethesda Launcher to Steam unfortunately. Most problems have to do with converting games that have multiple versions available, or specific DLCs and microtransactions that simply don’t convert. But the biggest problem seems to be a complete inability to connect Bethesda Launcher to Steam to transfer games in the first place.

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Error reading “Account linking failed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for assistance.” is being seen by many users. Some have found that the problem is that they have a different Bethesda Launcher account already connected to their Steam account. For example, some have created an account to play earthquake champions and then forgot about it in the following years. They had to find out the account details of their second Bethesda Launcher account, log in, disconnect it from their Steam account, and instead connect their new main Bethesda Launcher account.

More specific game issues include Fallout 76 Effect users who started playing the game free trial but later upgraded to the full version, only seeing the game trial after converting. Eternal Destiny players are seeing a variety of issues including incorrect edits, DLC not downloading, and the game not downloading. Elder Scrolls Online players are also seeing their expansion purchases not converting. And there are regional issues where certain games are not available on Steam but were on Bethesda Launcher, like Quake 3 Arena In Germany.

Bethesda is active on social media, responding to issues with requests for more information or guidance for solutions when available. It’s a level of activity that seems to suit the occasion. Additionally, while Bethesda Launcher goes offline on May 11, users will be able to continue downloading their content at a later date, with no end date yet confirmed.

This is certainly a challenging situation for both Bethesda Launcher users and the development team behind Bethesda Launcher. Converting an entire platform to a new one would never be simple. Those who are experiencing problems should contact Bethesda as they are capable and hopefully in time everything will be fully converted to Steam.

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