Charles Herbster, Trump-backed candidate, sues sexual assault accuser

Charles Herbster, Trump-backed candidate, sues sexual assault accuser

  • Eight women, including Senator Julie Slama, have accused Charles Herbster of sexual misconduct.
  • Herbster said the sexual misconduct allegations against him are false.
  • Herbster sued Slama on Friday, accusing her of lying in a “politically motivated” attack.

Charles Herbster, a Republican gubernatorial candidate accused of sexual misconduct, is suing one of his accusers, state senator Julie Slama.

According to a defamation suit filed Friday in Johnson County, Nebraska, Herbster – who is CEO and president of Carico Farms and Herbster Angus Farms – denied sexually assaulting Slama and said the allegations were “politically motivated”.

“As set out in my lawsuit, the false accusations and attacks on my character are part of a larger scheme calculated to try to defeat my candidacy. I will not stop fighting until the truth is told and my name is cleared,” Herbster said in a statement. communicated. a campaign press release from her.

Slama endorsed Herbster’s opponent, Republican Jim Pillen, who serves on the Nebraska Board of Regents. Herbster was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

An April 14 report from the Nebraska Examiner cited eight women who accused Herbster of sexual misconduct between 2017 and 2022. Six of the women said they were groped by him. A woman accused Herbster of forcibly kissing her after cornering her.

Slama, the only woman not named anonymously in the story, said that Herbster lifted her skirt in 2019. She later repeated the claim in a public statement.

Herbster, who is due to campaign with Trump in Omaha on April 29, has denied the allegations.

A lawyer for Slama said that the allegations made by Herbster against her in the lawsuit were “without merit,” in a statement to the Examiner.

“Senator Slama will stand strong against any attempt to rig the court case to scare victims into coming forward to share the truth,” Lopez told the Examiner.

Some Nebraska state officials have expressed support for Slama, including Republican Governor Pete Ricketts and other state lawmakers across the ideological spectrum.

“This is not a matter of policy – it is a matter of character and basic human decency. Charles Herbster’s behavior is completely unacceptable to anyone, especially someone seeking public office of authority and trust,” the senators said in a letter. signed.

Herbster and Slama did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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