Democrats ‘Playing With Americans’ Health Care’

Heritage Action for America executive director Jessica Anderson told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Friday that the left is “doing politics” with American health care, trying to hide the “true cost” of Obamacare. .

Anderson spoke to Breitbart News as reports suggest President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats face a “time bomb” in the form of enhanced Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, subsidies.

Last year, Biden and his Democrat majority passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the Democrats’ coronavirus relief bill. The bill, among other things, increased Obamacare subsidies beyond the ACA’s subsidy threshold, or 400% of the poverty line. However, the enhanced subsidies are set to expire as Democrats have yet to pass another reconciliation bill, which may pass along party lines, to continue funding the American Rescue Plan provision.

Given that Democrats do not appear to be close to passing a reconciliation bill with a clause extending Obamacare’s enhanced subsidies, some 13 million Americans could be hit with higher premiums in late October, just before the crucial congressional elections in 2022

Charles Gaba, a health policy analyst, said Business Insider“There is no denying that if they are not extended, there can definitely be a political impact.”

“If Congress allows ACA’s premium aid under the American Rescue Plan to expire later this year, middle-class people who buy their own insurance would be hardest hit,” said Larry Levitt, vice president of health policy at Kaiser. Family Foundation. wrote in a tweet. “They could face a double whammy of inflation and the loss of premium assistance costing thousands of dollars.

Anderson blamed the left for creating an unsustainable situation that will only make life worse for Americans as many families continue to suffer from inflation.

“The left is once again playing politics with Americans’ health and livelihoods in an election year. This time, they’re trying to buy voters off the rails and cover up the true cost of their failed healthcare policies. The American people are already suffering from historic inflation, and the left’s response is to keep pumping money into the economy,” she said. “Their cynical move is not going to work. The American people want leaders who offer more choices in healthcare, remove mandates that prevent doctors and patients from working together, and reshape federal healthcare programs to make them more effective, saving taxpayers money.”

Brian Blase, who served as Donald Trump’s special assistant for economic policy at the National Economic Council, explained in an editorial this week why Congress should let Obamacare subsidies from the American Rescue Plan expire.

He said:

  • Expanded subsidies were supposed to be a temporary relief from the coronavirus pandemic, not a permanent extension of the ACA
  • Continued expanded subsidies would lead to higher healthcare prices and premiums
  • Expanded subsidies would lead to loss of employer health insurance coverage
  • The federal budget cost of subsidies would only continue as employers reduce employee coverage
  • Subsidies are an inefficient way to spend taxpayers’ money
  • Current healthcare obligations such as Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare already remain unsustainable portions of the federal budget
  • The continuation of subsidies would provide an “unfair benefit to wealthy families
  • Expanded subsidies would “primarily benefit” insurers
  • Extended subsidies would reduce labor and economic output

Blase concluded his article by noting that Obamacare’s enhanced subsidies would only try to cover up the systemic problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He said Congress needs to reform the ACA’s regulatory framework, which has limited only Americans’ health options and reduced the quality of health insurance.

The former Trump administration official wrote: “Congress also needs to reform the inherently flawed subsidy structure that wastes so much taxpayer money. These reforms could build on the Trump administration’s actions that expanded options and better directed taxpayer dollars to those who needed them most.”

He added, “Covering Obamacare’s problems with additional taxpayer dollars is exactly the wrong approach and curbs Congress’ appetite for real reform.”

Sean Moran is a Congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3

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