Disturbing video of Elden Ring shows soldier eating his dead friend

An Elden Ring player comes to the conclusion that what they thought was a moment of tragedy is actually a disturbing act of cannibalism.

Elden ring it’s many things, but moments of touching empathy are rare. Elden ring it is more likely to embrace tragedy or horror. It is no surprise, however, that Elden ring players seek out the former in a flurry of the latter. It is the case of a Elden ring fan who believed he had stumbled upon a tragic but touching moment, a soldier mourning his fallen comrade. Instead, the Elden ring player encountered a disturbing example of humanity in The Lands Between.

The original post was made by a Reddit user with a headline referencing a “soldier mourning the death of his friend”. The video in the post showed a soldier kneeling over a dead comrade, his hands rotating down and back to his face. Given the simplicity of the animation, it would be easy to mistake what was happening as mourning, with the soldier crying and wracked with grief. If the Elden ring player got closer and listened, they would find that the sound effects revealed something entirely different going on.


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Instead of sobbing, the player would hear the sounds of smacking lips and chewing. The soldier is not mourning his fallen countryman, he is eating them. The player is witnessing an act of cannibalism. The hands moving up and down are not wiping the tears from the face, but bringing in pieces of meat for consumption. Elden ring it’s not a game to avoid disturbing content, even in casual cases like what this Reddit user discovered.

As for why the soldier is eating his fallen friend, there could be several reasons. They may have been influenced by the demigod Rykard, who literally gained power by being devoured. It is also possible that the cannibal was driven mad by the frenzy flame, which would have illuminated his eyes with a golden light. It is also possible that they are just hungry. They are a soldier in enemy territory, witness to unspeakable horrors. They may simply be doing what they need to do to survive.

What makes the situation a little confusing is that both soldiers are wearing tabards with Leyndell’s emblem on them. Leyndell’s soldiers are representatives of the Golden Order, which is supposed to be the righteous faction of The Lands Between. This is not the first, or even the most egregious, example of the Golden Order’s fall from grace, if it ever had one, but it is persuasive.

In fairness to FromSoftware and Elden ring, there are many legitimate examples of soldiers or creatures who genuinely feel sorry for their fellow soldiers. The Haligtree has an area where many soldiers are crying over fallen comrades. There are beastmen and monsters that perform similar actions in certain areas. It is clear, Elden ringThe protagonist of ‘s can attack them in their adventures. It just shows how disturbing Elden ringthe world is.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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