Dr Disrespect has an interesting idea for balancing controller vs. Mouse and keyboard gameplay in your game

Dr Disrespect is well known in the gaming world for several reasons. For example, he has a personality that is instantly recognizable to his countless fans in Youtube due to his black mullet, red vest and cool tones. However, in addition to his over-the-top attitude, Doc also has a history with game design. And not too long ago, he decided to put that passion back to work when he announced last December that he had started his own AAA development studio called Midnight Society to make a new video game.


While details about the project are scarce, every now and then fans learn some possible ideas for the game from Doc himself during his weekly live streams. Recently, Dr. Disrespect has revealed an unusual way to potentially balance the power of aim assist on a controller against the precision aim of a mouse in your game. During a recent YouTube live stream, a viewer in his chat begged Doc not to add aim assist to his game. Unsurprisingly, the YouTube streamer was quick with a response. However, his response likely caught some fans off guard.

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Many longtime Dr Disrespect fans know that he has always complained about aim assist ruining his matches in various games such as Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite this, Doc shockingly admitted that the feature had its place in video games. “You have to have some aim assist, right?” he said. According to Dr Disrespect, he was afraid that the complete removal of the feature would result in controller players being “absolutely destroyed by PC players”.

With that said, Dr. Disrespect revealed that he had a “million dollar idea” for a mode that would eliminate aim assist. However, he noted that there would be an added incentive for players to continue playing their game on a controller. Based on the Doc’s comments, players playing on a controller without aim assist in this mode would earn rarer items or possibly more XP as a reward, making the risk/reward substantially more significant.

It’s worth noting that the YouTube streamer suggested this idea as an LTM, meaning he possibly doesn’t think it would work as a permanent fixture of a game. This is understandable for an obvious reason; while loot would be better, those who play without aim assist may become increasingly frustrated at losing to those with a competitive advantage. On the other hand, the sense of accomplishment and added loot for controller players who defeat mouse and keyboard players without aim assist cannot be underestimated.

It’s exciting for many fans of Dr. Disrespect overhears him discussing potential plans for Midnight Society and his developing project. Time will tell if this unique type of LTM suggested by Doc during his recent live stream will be included in his next game.

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