Dr Disrespect wants a big change made to ranked in Apex Legends

YouTube streamer and content creator Dr Disrespect is known for his hot and sometimes controversial takes. But between takes, Dr. Disrespect simply spends a lot of time playing the game and sharing their honest thoughts on how they can be improved. The most recent example comes from a Apex Legends stream, during which Dr. Disrespect has released its latest idea to take battle royale to the next level. Dr Disrespect would like to see Respawn add Ranked Duos to Apex Legends.


The Doc was between rounds of Apex Legends when the thought occurred to him. Without any apparent inducement, Dr Disrespect told his teammate ZLaner that Apex Legends must have a Duos queue. “It looks like Duos would be very sick in this game,” was the statement by Dr. Disrespect ZLaner quickly agreed, saying the addition of Duos would be “phenomenal”. ZLaner even says that Respawn really “needs it” in Apex Legends.

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Dr Disrespect then expands on the thought, saying that Ranked Duos is what Apex Legends really need. Apex Legends currently only offers ranked queues for teams of three, but Dr. Disrespect thinks teams of two would also make an exciting queue for ranked play. ZLaner adds that since Apex Legends lobbies are smaller than games like Call of Duty: Warzone, filling a lobby with teams wouldn’t be frustrating in Duos. However, it would allow more teams to participate and thus elevate the competition.

As for what took Dr. Disrespectful to bringing up the subject of Ranked Duos, it was brought up seemingly at random by the YouTube streamer. The only connection was, perhaps, that Dr. Disrespect was playing three-of-a-kind lines while having only one pre-selected teammate, ZLaner. The Doctor. Disrespect was perhaps thinking about how difficult it was to carry a random third teammate, and how much more fun it would be if he and ZLaner could just get in a Duo queue.

Anyway, not a bad idea. Duos would allow many more teams to join ranked queues without having to worry about finding a third-party member. There are problems, however. Respawn probably wants its sorted queues to be focused so queues are always fast. It probably also balanced the game around three-player teams. That’s not to say the Duos wouldn’t work; It just wouldn’t be the best experience.

Interestingly, this is a topic that Respawn has already addressed. Dr Disrespect is not the only one Apex Legends player to express that they would like ranked duos after all. During a Season 8 AMA, Respawn explained that a Ranked Duos mode would lead to an “extremely bumpy experience” given Apex Legends is built around squads of three players. This is a concession Respawn is not willing to make. With that in mind, it appears that Dr. Disrespect will have to keep waiting for a third squadmate to log on going forward.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. A mobile version is available in some regions.

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