Elden Ring Fan Art Reunites Blaidd and Ranni

Elden Ring Fan Art Reunites Blaidd and Ranni

An Elden Ring fan shows off a beautiful artwork with the characters Blaidd and Ranni together under a bright moon.

Elden ring features a host of memorable characters. Many of the RPG’s cast members are now rooted in players’ memories, be they some of the game’s bosses or NPCs encountered in the world. Elden ring gives gamers a lot of love when it comes to characters, with many of them having already established themselves in gaming culture in the short time after the game’s release.

two of those Elden ring characters are Ranni and Blaidd. Lunar Princess Ranni was born empirical and features her own questline in Elden ring for players to follow. She is known for having four arms and the hat she wears. Blaidd is a half-wolf warrior and serves under Ranni as her faithful shadow. Blaidd has the head of a wolf and a huge Greatsword that players can obtain.


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A player made a masterpiece with Ranni and Blaidd. An artist named hage painted the duo under a bright moon. Ranni features his distinctive blue glow under his hat, while Blaidd carries the great greatsword he wields in the game. The painting is beautiful and haunting, doing justice to the two characters. It’s also bittersweet to see them together this way when considering the fate Blaidd eventually meets in Elden ring.

The piece that Hage designed is getting a positive reaction. Many fans are calling the art amazing, stating that they love the colors and detail used for both characters. A commentator brings up the similarities the characters have with those seen in the manga Furious, as Ranni and Blaidd show some similarities with Guts and Schierke. A fan comments that the play is beautiful and laments Blaidd’s fate, with Hage agreeing that they wish there was an ending where he survived. The artwork gives fans a small chance to see the two together under a beautiful moon, wishing their relationship wasn’t as tragic as it appears to be.

The drawing that Hage made is not the only fanart dedicated to Elden ring‘s Blaidd and Ranni. An artist using the handle Dino also drew a stunning painting of the two together, though his piece was mostly monochrome. The image mainly consists of black and white, with the only other colors being the blue glow under Ranni’s hat and a bit of red on Blaidd’s face. Dino’s painting captures an intensity in Blaidd, as well as a desolation that matches some aspects of the Elden ring. Both Dino and Hage have designed stunning pieces that showcase two of the RPG’s most popular characters.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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