Elden Ring fan points out real-life sculpture eerily similar to the game’s spider hands

While not designed as a horror game in any sense, Elden ring It has its fair share of scary and disturbing moments. The most common of these is the stress and terror created by the game’s intense fights, but Elden ring it also has some horror elements built into certain locations, enemies and concepts.

For example, Elden ringThe Dung Eater character is one of the most horrible enemies and concepts in the game. The character’s intro, story, and questline all serve to tell a sickening story that has many players furious with the character, as well as frightened by its implications. Although the game gives the option to carry out the Dung Eater’s will, many players have chosen to kill the monstrous NPC.


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In the case of zones, Caelid is a festering wound of an area, filled with scarlet rot and mutated, horrible creatures, not to mention Elden ring‘s Starscourge Radahn boss who waits at the edge of the zone for players to discover. However, perhaps none of the game’s areas are as terrifying as the gardens of Caria Manor, which are dark and filled with mist. As if the atmosphere of the area wasn’t enough, the area is filled with one of the scariest enemies in the game: the fingercreepers, better known as the spider’s hands.

While Elden ringGodrick may have an inferiority complex, rest assured that fingercreepers are nightmare beasts with zero qualms about their existence. They come in a small size and a much larger and more terrifying shape. His attacks are fast and include a terrifying grapple attack that crushes the player in its many-finger grip. However, perhaps the scariest aspect of these creatures is that they can be found hiding underground, waiting for players like a trapdoor spider. Recently, Reddit user F_M119 was traveling through Azerbaijan and noticed that there was a creepy sculpture that looked exactly like the hidden hands of Caria Manor.

F_M119 noted in their title that they were unable to approach the sculpture due to memories of being snatched and crushed to death by hidden hands. Reddit users echoed these sentiments, with many joking about requiring fire to deal with the sculpture, as fingers are too weak to fire damage. Other users joked about the fact that creepers typically set their traps under items, further luring players to their death.

The sculpture looks perfect for Elden ring, as it not only looks like vines, but is also centered around a tree, making for a seemingly perfect symbol for the game. Regardless, very similar Elden ringThe terrifying Grafted Scion’s, fingercreepers and sculpture bring nightmares to any player who has reached the gardens of Caria Manor.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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