Ex-employee criticizes Madison Cawthorn, calls him a ‘habitual liar’

  • A former district employee of Representative Madison Cawthorn called the congressman a “habitual liar”.
  • “As far as the candidate himself is concerned, I mean he’s just a bad person,” the official said in a recorded call.
  • She said she witnessed her district office having “more liquor bottles than water bottles”.

A former district official for North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn called the legislator a “bad person” and a “habitual liar.”

“As far as the candidate himself is concerned, I mean, he’s just a bad person,” former Cawthorn employee Lisa Wiggins said in a secretly recorded phone call with David Wheeler, chairman of a political action committee called “Fire Madison Cawthorn”.

“He’s a habitual liar and will say and do anything he can to your face, but behind your back, he’s the complete opposite,” he added.

Although the recording was done without Wiggins’ knowledge, North Carolina has a “one party consent” wiretapping law that allows one party to record calls without the other party’s knowledge.

The recording was uploaded to the Fire Madison Cawthorn PAC website on Monday and later reported by the Smoky Mountain News, a local media outlet.

During the call, Wiggins said that Cawthorn was nearly unreachable by his constituents and that “there was no way you could get a meeting with him unless he was trying to get some votes.”

She also noted that she had personally closed many of the congressman’s district offices because he didn’t have enough social workers to run them.

“I know this because I drove and closed all of them,” Wiggins said. “He didn’t care, he doesn’t care about his constituents. He doesn’t care.”

She also noted that the Cawthorn District Office had “more bottles of liquor than bottles of water” and that employees were “drinking like crazy”.

“People need to know what this man is really like,” Wiggins told Wheeler. “He still has a lot of people fooled.”

A representative for Cawthorn did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment. However, The Hill obtained a brief statement from Cawthorn spokesman Luke Ball, who called Wiggin’s allegations “verifiably false”.

“We believe these comments potentially represent defamation of character and we are exploring options to ensure that the congressman’s name emerges unscathed from these slanderous remarks,” Ball said, according to the outlet.

The new allegations about Cawthorn come after a difficult month for the North Carolina congressman.

In March, Cawthorn was publicly chastised by GOP leaders for claiming he witnessed “sexual perversion” in DC, with members of Washington’s elite inviting him to orgies and using cocaine in front of him.

In response, Cawthorn criticized GOP leaders for “weakening” the GOP platform and blamed the media for the furor over his comments.

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