F1 Practice LIVE: Canadian Grand Prix updates as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes look to improve

F1 Practice LIVE: Canadian Grand Prix updates as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes look to improve

F1 Practice LIVE: Canadian Grand Prix updates as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes look to improve

Hamilton doubtful for Canadian GP

Catch up on live F1 coverage at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend with practice sessions one and two in Montreal.

The big news of the week is the FIA’s decision to “reduce or eliminate” the boto on the advice of its medical staff – just days after Lewis Hamilton suffered severe back pain at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Hamilton needed help getting out of his Mercedes after his car went up and down at high speed during last Sunday’s race.

Mercedes placed its machines close to the ground in Baku to produce less downforce. But the move exaggerated the jump and, under the FIA’s new technical directive, Mercedes could be forced to increase the height of its cars, which could slow them down further.

At the front of the grid, Max Verstappen is hoping to extend his lead over main title rival Charles Leclerc after making the most of the Ferrari driver’s retirement last weekend with race victory.

Follow all the latest updates as we prepare for this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix:


Vettel and Alonso joke about continuing into 2026

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso have six Formula 1 world championships between them, and both have had a string of impressive performances this season, proving they still have the pace to compete with F1’s crop of talented youngsters.

Alonso is currently negotiating an extension to his contract with Alpine, which is set to expire at the end of the current season, while Vettel’s future is uncertain as he weighs his own future with Aston Martin.

Asked if he could continue through 2026 and join a possible Porsche entry into F1 when Volkswagen is expected to enter the sport, Vettel said: “How old are we in 2026, Fernando? You will be 46 years old and I will be your age now. Should we continue, yes?”

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 18:06


Leclerc faces inevitable grid penalties

Charles Leclerc is facing some inevitable grid penalties after Ferrari said the power unit that failed during the Azerbaijan GP last weekend is unrecoverable.

This retirement has meant that both the turbo and the MGU-H are considered unrecoverable, and Ferrari will likely have to use extra parts beyond their allotted allocation to complete the season, which will herald grid penalties for the Monegasque driver.

A five-point grid penalty is given for each extra part used during the season, and rumor has it that Ferrari could take a double whammy this weekend and use an extra turbo and MGU-H each in Montreal.

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:58 pm


Verstappen and Hamilton disagree over FIA intervention

After a plethora of drivers, including Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly and Daniel Ricciardo, demanded that the FIA ​​intervene in order to regulate the ban on health and safety grounds following the Azerbaijan GP, ​​the motorsport governing body issued a directive early on. this week instructing teams to keep jumping. to a specified minimum or face punishment.

The move is designed to prevent drivers from suffering so intensely that it causes back problems and allay fears of possible long-term brain damage.

Most drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, spoke out in favor of the change in today’s press conferences.

World champion Max Verstappen, however, disagrees and says that “rule changes in the middle of the year I don’t think are correct”.

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:50 pm


Hamilton reveals reason to support Schiff in bigotry dispute

Earlier this week, Lewis Hamilton gave public support to Sky Sports presenter Naomi Schiff, who had been the target of a widely reprimanded social media post that implied she had been given work as a motorsport commentator based on her gender and race.

Schiff, however, is a Rwandan-Belgian professional racer and has spent the last few years honing her skills as a presenter and commentator on W Series and F1 coverage with Channel 4. Her contributions to Sky Sports’ coverage in 2022 have proven to be largely popular with the public, and the posting of an account listing interests in Millwall FC, Brexit and Donald Trump was widely derided.

Hamilton posted a message of support for the 28-year-old online following the incident and reaffirmed his support at tonight’s press conference.

“I know what it’s like to receive hate online,” Hamilton explained. “I try to encourage her to keep doing what she’s doing because she’s doing a great job.”

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:42 pm


Hamilton gives more details on back injury

Lewis Hamilton was originally in doubt to race his weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, his first since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, after Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff raised concerns about the extent of the back injury. that the seven-time world champion suffered in Baku last weekend.

The violent violence Hamilton’s car was experiencing in Azerbaijan had him struggling to get out of the car at the end of the race, such was the intensity of pain he was forced to endure.

At tonight’s press conference, Hamilton said he experienced a vertical force of up to 10G during the race and does not believe he would be able to get out of the car within the FIA-defined safety time of ten seconds.

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:34 pm


Lewis Hamilton goes retro with N64 games in Canada

Drivers have been taking part in traditional Friday press conferences ahead of the start of first practice at 7pm, and Lewis Hamilton has revealed he’s been indulging in a bit of retro gaming since arriving in Canada.

The seven-time world champion is playing the Nintendo 64, including the cult classic first-person shooter GoldenEye. Unfortunately, Mario Kart 64 wasn’t available, so the 37-year-old was forced to settle for an old F1 game.

“Any porpoises in the game?” joked Max Verstappen.

“No, no porpoing!” was Hamilton’s reply.

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:26 pm


Few updates brought to Montreal by teams

With F1 still at the start of its new era of technical regulations, teams are constantly researching and developing new updates for their cars in order to extract better performance.

But with so little time between last weekend’s race in Azerbaijan and this Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, only a few teams arrive in Montreal with altered parts.

Mercedes brought in a new rear suspension and bodywork, while Ferrari made changes to the rear wings and beam wing. Alpine and Aston Martin have redesigned the beam wing and rear wing concepts respectively, while McLaren’s rear wing and tread edge are new.

Dan AustinJune 17, 2022 5:18 pm


Canadian Grand Prix Practice

The riders hit the track ahead of the first two practice sessions tonight. FP1 is scheduled to start at 7pm BST, with FP2 following at 10pm.

Michael JonesJune 17, 2022 5:10 pm


Verstappen favorite to win Canadian GP

Fresh off his victory in Baku, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is the favorite to triumph at the Canadian Grand Prix this week.

Lewis Hamilton has won here seven times, including the last edition in 2019, but he has an outside chance to improve on that record due to Mercedes’ size issues.

Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez is second on the market, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz behind the Red Bull drivers.

Michael JonesJune 17, 2022 5:06 pm


Zhou frustrated by another DNF

Zhou Guanyu told Alfa Romeo they must resolve their reliability issues after the rookie driver was forced to retire for the third time in four races during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Zhou was in the top 10 and looked set to finish in the points for the first time since the season-opening race in Bahrain, before receiving a radio message from his team informing him of the need to ditch the car after just 23 laps. . Baku.

Over the radio, he replied, “Are you kidding me again?”

That frustration boiled over into his post-race interviews, where he says he couldn’t believe the car needed to be retired when he was trying to move up the grid.

“It was a very good race. I didn’t miss a foot in that race and walked up the field comfortably to stay behind [Sebastian] Vettel and fighting for more positions in the points,” Zhou said. “When I heard [the team radio]it was quite unexpected, and i really couldn’t believe it because it has happened many times this year.

“As a team, we have to solve this problem, I think that’s the biggest goal, or the first priority. We have to sort it out in the next races, because getting to the finish line is always the first key, especially when I always had a chance to score in the last three races.”

The forfeit was more irritating for Zhou as he believed his pace had improved after eight rounds of 2022 and there was a real chance to earn more points in Azerbaijan.

“I mean, obviously, as a rookie, you want to do so many laps, so much experience in [as you can],” he said.

“The pace was really stronger than most of my main competitors in that race, so I was comfortable out there, and obviously that was that issue, we can’t really put that into the results again, so it’s quite frustrating.”

(Getty Images)

Michael JonesJune 17, 2022 5:00 pm

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