Fable 4: All we know

The Fable series has been dormant since 2010, assuming you don’t count Fable: The Journey, because nobody does. But the series is back, with a new Fable coming from Playground Games, the studio behind the popular Forza Horizon series. Fable is a very different kind of game, but Playground is a talented studio that should bring something new to the franchise.

The new Fable was first announced with a mood teaser in May 2020. Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about it. Below, we’ve looked at all the details currently available about Fable, which is often referred to as Fable 4, although we don’t know if that number reflects where the game will fit into the franchise.

The teaser trailer

Our first look at Fable didn’t provide any details on the story or gameplay, but it certainly set the mood. The trailer showed a fairy flying through an idyllic fantasy forest, before suddenly being eaten by a huge frog. It certainly sets the irreverent tone the Fable series is known for. And notably, the trailer simply refers to it as “Fable”, indicating that this could be a reboot.