Fans Discuss Features That Would Make or Break Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for Them

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will announce the ninth generation of the beloved series and it has generated a lot of discussion since its announcement a few months ago. From the Iberian-inspired setting to the cuteness and qualities of the three new starters – Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly – it’s a source of much debate, but that even extends to if fans get the games.

As this will be the ninth generation, it means gamers already have a long experience with the series, and one fan asked an intriguing question: ‘What could GameFreak announce about upcoming games that would make you change your mind about whether you’re getting or not? ‘

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They then framed the question with three points: 1. Those planning to get Scarlet or Violet – what would have to be added/removed/changed to stop them from getting the game. 2. Those who are planning to skip – the same options that would make them change their minds so they now pre-order or buy the game. 3. Those on the fence – what information are they waiting for and how would that affect their decision?

The ‘u/ladala99’ poster clarified that they themselves were on the fence, but that if all Pokémon were transferable and usable to Scarlet & Violet or if Exp Share was turned off, they could be swayed.

One commenter said that they would really like a post-game storyline along the lines of Sword and Shield, but extended to more than ten battles. Another said that “at this point it all boils down to that I absolutely need a Pokemon game where I don’t have to spend countless hours devising ways to make the experience challenging enough to really justify using all of the game’s built-in mechanics.” . franchise”.

However, one specially upvoted comment seemed to speak for the general dedication of Pokemon fans. “I’ll be 100% realistic, they couldn’t tell me more information about the game until it’s released and I would buy it,” they said. “I know I will. It’s just who I am.”

But one fan warned: “If they change Wailmer’s name to ‘Balloon Boy,’ it would put me on edge,” they said. “But I won’t say which way,” they added (yes, it’s a joke).

To read the full thread, you can check it out on Reddit here. Meanwhile, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is expected to be released later this year.

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