Funny Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Genius Way to Fight Cassidy’s Ultimate as Soldier 76

For players tired of getting hit by Cassidy’s High Noon, a Soldier 76 player finds a perfect way to avoid this Ultimate ability in Overwatch 2.

With the first beta for overwatch 2 live now, players are having a blast testing out major hero reworks and determining new approaches to the game’s team fights. However, some overwatch 2 players are also finding interactions between the heroes fun, and it should be especially fun for fans of Cassidy and Soldier 76.

The moment in question is an Ultimate counter, which anyone who has played overwatch know is incredibly important. However, it’s not as effective as Genji’s ability to deflect Bastion’s Artillery Strike back at him, as Soldier 76 isn’t damaging or killing the enemy Cassidy. Instead, they’re simply dodging the bad guy’s Deadeye ability, but they’re doing it in a hilarious way. For those interested, a specific Soldier 76 emote needs to be used at the right time to successfully escape.


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The call to Deadeye is as iconic as it gets, as Cassidy yelling “it’s noon” has been a overwatch meme since the original game’s release. As such, players usually know how to protect themselves as soon as they hear this dialogue, although Reddit user FatCosmos takes a different approach. As soon as the enemy Cassidy’s Deadeye activated, the Redditor activated Soldier 76’s push-up emote. Interestingly, falling to the ground saved his life, as they were out of Cassidy’s reach.

When Deadeye is activated, Cassidy needs a few seconds to lock down enemies – with the time required for this lock down changing depending on the health of your enemies. With lockdown requiring Cassidy to keep a straight shot at an enemy, breaking that line of sight will allow a player to evade Ultimate and live to fight another day. Clearly, FatCosmos was very aware of their surroundings, as they knew that going to probe the hill behind the Route 66 gas station would be enough for them to survive.

Seeing the Soldier 76 player doing some carefree push-ups while Sojourn and Ana who were right behind him are killed off is hilarious. After surviving Cassidy’s deadliest move, Soldier 76 was free to rejoin the fight. With his team’s Mercy also surviving and successfully performing a resurrection, FatCosmos has a good chance of winning the battle due to his cleverness. Of course, this counter requires very specific placement and good timing to run, but it makes for a very funny moment that many players on Reddit have enjoyed.

Although many are focusing on how good Orisa is at overwatch 2 or how much more fun it is to play Doomfist, it’s nice to see some fun beta moments happening with the other heroes. With the first phase of the beta set to last a few more weeks, many memorable clips are likely to appear online.

overwatch 2 is currently under development.

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