Granblue Fantasy Voice Clip Character Discovered in Last Song The Chainsmokers

Granblue Fantasy Voice Clip Character Discovered in Last Song The Chainsmokers

Fans discover that one of the last songs on The Chainsmokers’ ‘So Far So Good’ album features the voice clip of a character from Granblue Fantasy.

While Granblue fantasy is one of the more relatively niche gacha games compared to others like Fire Emblem Heroes, Genshin Impactor azur runwayit still has an active fanbase that has maintained the game since its release in 2014. This has seen the franchise morph into other games such as the fighting game. Granblue Fantasia Versus and the next action JRPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which should be released later this year. Just like other gacha games, it features a large cast of playable characters/units that players can summon.


One such unit is Clarisse, a young alchemical genius who plays a powerful supporting role in the Granblue fantasy. She can inflict debuffs on enemies and dispel any buffs that were cast by the opponent. It is described as simple and easy for beginners to use in the game. This role extends to its Christmas-themed variant, which has a unique set of voice lines separate from its vanilla version. It turns out that the latest single by American electronic music duo The Chainsmokers utilizes one of these voice clips.

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This voice clip was seen on the duo’s latest single, “I Love U”, which is part of their newest album. So far so good. The song starts with a cheerful Japanese voice, which is cheering the listener with “Ike Ike Dan-cho, Ganbare Ganbare Dan-cho!” Many Granblue fantasy Players noted that this voice clip was from Clarisse’s 2016 Christmas variation, which translates to “Go Captain, Hold On Captain!” This sample is repeated at least once more in the song itself.

This discovery left the game’s fanbase confused, as a popular song like this was a sample of a relatively niche gacha game like Granblue fantasy. As revealed by Andrew “Drew” Taggart of The Chainsmokers on the duo’s Discord server, this sample was discovered by music director Matt McGuire. According to Drew, this sample was found while the staff were watching anime like Death note and food wars. He also stated that it was the other member of the duo, Alexander “Alex” Pall, who made the call when it came time to sample the song.

This news came as such a surprise that it even caught the attention of the official Japanese Twitter account of Granblue fantasy, who acknowledged that the song features Clarisse’s voice clip. The tweet further encourages fans to listen to the song and also links to The Chainsmokers’ official lyric video. This is a strange find for sure, with many confused but liking how this voice clip has been integrated.

Granblue fantasy is now available to play on Android, iOS and web browser.

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