Is ‘Moon Knight’ Getting a Second Season? Can Be Complicated

I just watched episode 5 of Moon Knight, which came out today, and all I was thinking was “there’s no way they can wrap this up in another week, right?”

But plans for a second season of Moon Knight seem hazy, as they have with virtually every Marvel project on Disney Plus to date, and change depending on the needs of the MCU.

In terms of Moon Knight, it looks like we’re heading towards a very specific reveal that calls for more character exploration in season two or… elsewhere. Spoilers follow.

I’m talking about Jake Lockley, the Moon Knights’ third major personality joining Steven and Marc, although Steven is definitely out of breath is up for debate given the rules governing what happens to a split personality if they’re frozen in stone. in the sands of the Egyptian underworld. It’s a complicated show, what can I say?

Moon Knight has been hinting at a Jake Lockley reveal all this time, or at least a violent third personality that could be a new one. We’ve seen someone who isn’t Marc or Steven kill people on the show so far, and in the “mental landscape” another locked personality sarcophagus was rattling loudly. But throughout the Marc/Steven flashback that reveals this episode, we didn’t really get any hints of Jake or a third personality there.

It feels like it would be very quick to debut a third personality at the end of the season and then ghost the character from there. Moon Knight was released in a limited series before that, which would suggest no second season, and yet we have no idea where this is going. And neither is his director, Mohamed Diab. He was asked about this three weeks ago and said the following:

“[Marvel] they keep expressing every day how much they love the show, but it’s not like any other show, i.e. the other show, outside of the Marvel universe. I mean, any TV show, if it’s good, you know it’s going to have a second season, but a WandaVision was great. And you didn’t get a second season, you went on to something else. So I’m pretty sure Moon Knight is going to stay, stay for a long time, in my opinion.”

Diab is referring to the idea that one of these Disney Plus shows could be great, but the structure of the MCU could mean the character flies off to some other corner of the universe instead of returning for a traditional second season like most shows do. of TV. So far we have:

  • WandaVision – Propel Wanda into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and create an Angela Harkness spin-off show.
  • Loki – Getting a 2nd season, but creating a character that was supposed to be the villain of Ant-Man 3.
  • And if…? – Get a 2nd season and introduce a character that can appear in the Multiverse of Madness in live action now (Captain Carter).
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Seemingly not getting a 2nd season, but transitioning into Captain America 4, the movie.
  • Archer hawk – It is still unclear if it is getting a 2nd season, it has already introduced the character Echo who is getting his own spin-off.

So that leaves Moon Knight, who appears to be ready for a possible second season given the events of this season, or again, the character could appear in some other MCU project going forward. Moon Knight has interacted with a number of top-tier Marvel characters in comics over the years, so it stands to reason that we could see him almost anywhere on TV or in film, in addition to his own series. But I will say that a second season seems like it would make more sense given where we are now. That could change after the end of next week, however, we’ll have to wait and see.

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