Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano: Experts and Professionals Predictions for a Major World Title Fight

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano meet in a historic women’s boxing match at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Taylor, 35, puts her undisputed lightweight title on the line against seven-weight world champion Serrano in what is being billed as the biggest fight of all time in women’s boxing.

Should she win, Serrano will become the first female fighter to beat the decorated amateur Taylor in the professional ranks.

We asked the big names in the boxing world to choose who they think will win.

British Welterweight Conor Benn: “I’m supporting Katie Taylor 100%. She’s a wild one.”

Unified welterweight champion Chantelle Cameron: “I’m going to Serrano’s stoppage, I think she hits hard. She’s very good for the body, she’s in shape and I think it’s going to wear out Taylor. She’s going to see where Katie’s weaknesses are and can exploit that. She’ll be looking. by heavy gunfire and aiming for Katie’s face. Then Serrano, late stoppage.”

WBA Welterweight Champion Hannah Rankin: “I see Amanda Serrano winning this one and winning late. She’s a more experienced pro-style fighter and carries the power with her in every weight class she’s been in. And she’s also left-handed. I think those are interesting factors for Katie is fast. and will start fast and will likely be ahead at halftime, but I can see Amanda building up the pressure and the heavier punches later in the fight and taking the win.”

Retired boxer Jane Couch: “Amanda is best suited for the pros. When Katie first turned pro, you could see the amateur in her. I can’t wait. I really can’t pick a winner. I don’t want to be on the fence and I think you have to. choose Taylor.”

WBO Welterweight Champion Natasha Jonas: “There isn’t a type of person or fighting style that Katie hasn’t fought, so you can never bet against her.

“But I just think Serrano is wrong for her. An aggressive, blunt southpaw is anyone’s nightmare.”

Olympic gold medalist Lauren Price: “It’s a little 50-50 and I’ve been sitting on the fence. If Katie Taylor is in her best condition in her prime, I’ll say Katie Taylor on points for a win.

“It’s going to be quite a fight. It puts women’s boxing on the map. A few weeks ago I was at Savannah’s. [Marshall] fight in Newcastle with its main attraction. It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

Former WBO Featherweight Champion Barry Jones: “Who do I think will win? It’s not a confident choice, but I’ve seen a much more confident Serrano and a physically bigger Serrano than I thought.

“Taylor doesn’t reveal anything. She always seems calm and relaxed. But Serrano looks like she really wants the fight and that can be a telling factor.”

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