League of Legends details upcoming champion reworks

League of Legends is well known for its large selection of champions that come in all shapes and sizes with unique backgrounds and fantastic abilities. However, not all champions League of Legends has been a huge hit with gamers for one reason or another, and Riot Games does what it can to improve them.

A recent announcement by League of Legends reveals the new Champion Roadmap, highlighting updates being made to various champions. The post mentions that champion production has been slowed down, but the developers are ensuring that each champion gets the time and attention it needs before it’s released. The post covers three champions that will receive changes in one way or another in the game.


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The three champions that will receive visual and gameplay updates, or VGU, in the game include the warrior Udyr, the star dragon Aurelion Sol, and the champion Skarner. The post reveals that the Udyr base has been finalized with development now focused on its catalog of skins for the game. The one getting the most attention is Udyr’s Spirit Guard skin, where the goal is to balance his core essence, reflecting the time he spent in Ionia and keeping the same animals that pre-VGU Udyr had.

League of Legends Early Udyr Spirit Guard skin design

The post reveals that Aurelion Sol’s update will be gameplay-focused. According to the post, it initially wowed gamers when it was first revealed, but was later dropped at a surprising rate. He claims this was mainly due to his play kit not being able to live up to the hype and fantasy of playing the character. So the developers are working to change that by giving it a comprehensive gameplay update or UGC. With the update of the CGU in League of Legendsdevelopers are rebuilding Aurelion Sol’s game kit from the ground up using the same model, theme and narrative rather than making minor tweaks.

Aurelion Sol will be the first character to receive a CGU, and if the results are good, other champions like him in League of Legends could receive similar updates. The developers also want to emphasize the dragon aspect of the character while adding a new take on its star-forging gameplay. Developers are currently looking to release Aurelion Sol closer to the end of this year, but nothing is set in stone.

Then the post talks about Skarner, winner of the previous contest League of Legends VGU survey earlier this year. The developers haven’t started on their VGU at the time of writing, but the post says it will start soon. The post shares some artwork made by artist Larry “BravoRay” Ray for Skarner. The artwork contains four lines of sketches exploring different visual directions for Skarner, but all are initial ideas and nothing is set in stone yet.

League of Legends is now available on PC.

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