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While Apex Legends is a fast-paced, aggression-focused battle royale experience, you can’t fight long without getting some weapons and ammo first. And if you want to provide you and your team with a lot of that treasure and a dose of situational awareness, you might benefit from checking out Loba.

While she may not bring any offensive abilities to the table, the stylish and hungry Loba can be a valuable addition to any team composition. Her ability to track and find purple items is priceless to loot, while her incredibly useful ultimate ability allows her to set up a shop for easy access to all nearby items. Read on for some information and tips on how to get the most out of this team-focused legend.

Skills that are all about the loot

If your goal is to bring offensive skills to the table in your squad composition, you won’t have much luck with Loba. Instead, it acts as a loot scout and mobile item shop, making it incredibly useful for keeping stock – something that’s even more vital in tough situations when you might need a little extra ammo or healing items.

Loba’s tactical ability is The thief’s best friend, who sees her throw her bracelet and teleport to her. You can activate teleport ahead of time or wait for it to automatically teleport you when you reach your maximum distance.

with an eye on quality is Loba’s passive ability, and allows her to see purple (epic) items through obstacles, which even include nearby loot crates, essentially making her the perfect scout for the best loot. She can even send these items to other people from afar and through the same obstacles.

Finally, she black market store ultimate skill launches a portable shop that allows each squad member to instantly obtain up to two nearby items and unlimited ammo. With a range of 112.5 meters, it covers a fairly large area and can be used to resupply quickly and efficiently while depriving enemy teams of important items.

Your tactic is best used as an escape or repositioning tool.

While having the ability to teleport might seem like a great tool for aggression, Loba’s bracelet works best as an escape method. That’s not to say it can’t be used to push groups or chase a lone enemy, but there’s a delay when the teleport ends where Loba puts the bracelet back on her wrist. During this time, you are an easy target at close range with no ability to fight back, so be careful when using the tactical ability in this way.

When possible, use her bracelet to climb higher ground or place a large obstacle between you and any enemies that are chasing you. Since you don’t have much in the way of offensive capabilities, you’ll want to use all the positioning advantages your bracelet can provide you.

She-wolf standing between Mirage and Wraith
She-wolf standing between Mirage and Wraith

Teamwork makes the dream work

Loba is a loot scout who can see purple items through walls and supply crates. But just because you can see something doesn’t always mean you’re the only person who needs it, let alone the best member of your squad to use it. If you choose to play as this queen of loot, you will be much more successful helping your team fit in too, so they too can be the best they can be. Ping these accessories, body vests and phoenix kits so they can track what they need more efficiently.

Use your passive as a recognition tool

Since you can see the location of any purple item within 112.5 meters of your location, do your best to make mental notes of where important pieces of equipment might be located – particularly when other squads are circling. While this doesn’t give you the vision of a true recon character like Bloodhound or Seer, it can give you some basic clues as to where your opponents are and where they might be moving.

Your ultimate is on a fast cooldown, so use it constantly

Unlike some legends, Loba’s ultimate recharges very quickly. Because of this, you’ll want to use it pretty much whenever you enter an area with dense loot. Not only can this allow you to quickly access the healing items or attachments you need, but it also lets you know if there are other things worth looking for in the area or if you should keep walking. The amount of time this can save is priceless.

Starve your opponents

You don’t bring a lot of offensive power to the team through your skills, but you can certainly make up for it with a lot of useful items. In the early and late parts of matches is when ammo is most valuable and generally in short supply. During these moments (although anytime, really), play your ultimate skill and pull all the ammo for your team. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw from the Black Market Boutique, so you can essentially starve your enemies by taking all the ammo for yourself.

Same goes for healing items or anything else too, honestly. The more you cling, the less your enemies can obtain and use to dominate or outlast you. Remember that you can only withdraw two items per end-use, so make it count.

But be careful, your ultimate can give you away

Despite the above advice to use it constantly, its ultimate ability is also an easy way to show enemy squads precisely where you are. So if you’re trying to get the upper hand on them, you might want to hold off on using the market until you make your first move.

Using the best, make a loud noise and visual indicator to allow nearby squads to pinpoint your location, as well as each item you take off the market. Just be aware of this and make sure you watch out for aggressive teams before you go shopping sloppily.

You can make changing armor a breeze

When using your ultimate skill during endgame clashes, you and your squad can drop off your armor in a safe place and then pull other armor near the market to create a nice swap collection. This is a much faster method of completing your shields than actually spending time (and resources) on healing in a traditional method. Be aware, of course, that any teams that enter your location can also take advantage of your collection, so plan accordingly to meet them outside where you’re piling up all your armor.

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