Mass Effect fan is making stained glass versions of his favorite companions

A Mass Effect player is creating stunning stained glass tributes to some of the game’s most memorable squadmates aboard the Normandy.

While mass effect is a series that takes fans to an immensely deep galaxy filled with rich knowledge and allows them to play through a story about how to save that galaxy, many fans of the franchise are in love with it because of the companion characters who join Shepard aboard the Normandy. Some of these companions can act as romance options in mass effect, while others remain steadfast friends. However, all mass effects companions can be taken out in quests, and most are much appreciated by fans.


A fan took your love for mass effect‘s squadron to the next level, creating stunning tributes to the characters in stained glass. So far, the creator has assembled three unique pieces of art that depict some of the mates of both. mass effect 1 and two. Starting the collection was Garrus, one of the mass effects most popular characters and one of the few companions a player can take in all three games. The former C-Sec officer had many pieces of art done before that, such as one that envisioned Garrus as a Star Wars Jedi.

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Second after Garrus was Mordin, the Salarian scientist partly responsible for one of the most devastating moments in the world. mass effect knowledge. By adapting the genophage, Mordin prevented the Krogan race from reproducing. Despite this controversial aspect of the character, he remains one of the most beloved mass effect companions from the second game, and Mordin’s choices in Mass Effect 2 and 3 can affect mass effect 4.

The final addition so far is a depiction of Liara, who is marked as one of the most popular characters in the novel worldwide. mass effect franchise and can appear in all three games if the player has the Shadow Broker DLC to Mass Effect 2. Looks like Liara is going back to mass effect 4 also, from the small trailer released in December 2020, it looked like an older version of the character would appear.

While some characters like Liara and perhaps one of the Krogan companions could return in mass effect 4the likely time jump between mass effect 3 and its sequel will mean that some squadmates simply cannot return. That means some new companions will be on the way mass effect 4and these additions will have some big shoes to fill, considering the love fans have for the secondary characters they already have.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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