Massive Dead By Daylight mid-chapter patch gives Haddonfield, Ghost Face, and Legion a makeover

Dead by Daylight has just received a new patch that gives the Haddonfield map a new visual makeover, while enhancing Ghost Face with some new improvements to make it a deadlier opponent. The Legion received the same treatment with some changes to their perks to make them more relentless in pursuit.

The Hemorrhage side effect has been reworked, along with some perk changes, general updates, and finally bug fixes to round out the patch.

Visual updates for Haddonfield

The Haddonfield map has received a visual update that makes the environment more realistic, with background objects looking smoother even from a distance, and better lighting from light sources (like a TV or a lamppost).

Image via Dead by Daylight Forums

Ghost face improvements

One of the biggest improvements to Ghost Face was extending Mark’s duration from 45 seconds to 60 seconds. Marked Survivors can no longer reveal the Ghost Face while remaining Marked, which makes it more dangerous for Survivors who are wandering alone after being spotted.

Many of the Ghost Face add-ons have been improved to encourage assassins to use a wider variety. Changes like the Philly add-on decreasing the time it takes to tag a survivor by 20%, or the Olsen Wallet immediately reloading Night Shroud when a pallet/wall is broken make them more attractive and will be more useful to the Killer when chasing Survivors.

Legion Improvements

Feral Frenzy has been changed to give the Legion a +0.2m/sec increase to their movement speed for every hit they land during Feral Frenzy. If the Legion lands five successful hits while in Feral Frenzy, the skill will end, but will put the last survivor in the death state.

The energy meter will also begin charging immediately after Feral Frenzy ends (where it previously would have been after the fatigue period), and the post-Feral Frenzy fatigue period is reduced to three seconds instead of four.

Like Ghost Face, many of Legion’s add-ons have been changed to provide more variety in their playstyle, such as the Friendship Bracelet, which increases the duration of lunges on Feral Frenzy by 0.3 seconds.

Bleeding change

Hemorrhage now slows a Survivor’s healing rate by 7% per second, giving Killers a better incentive to inflict the status effect on Survivors (such as interrupting them while they are using a medkit). This change has also been applied to all add-ons that work with the Bleeding side effect.

You can see the full list of patch notes on the Dead By Daylight forum. Coinciding with the new patch is the release of the Spring Ensembles collection, which gives some characters new outfits, and is now available in the in-game store. The Urban Art collection will also launch in the in-game store on May 4th.

Image via Dead by Daylight Forums

If you haven’t caught Dead by Daylight yet or are looking for the right opportunity to gift a friend, the game is currently 50% off on Steam, Epic Games and the Switch store.

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