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Incredible Elden Ring Fan Art Combines ‘Let Me Solo Her’ and The Shining

An Elden Ring fan shows off an amazing artwork that combines the character Let Me Solo Her with the movie The Shining.

Tyranitar Drawing

Pokemon fan draws awesome Tyranitar drawing

A Pokémon fan shows off a stunning black and white drawing of the pseudo-legendary Tyranitar from Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Let Me Solo Your Drawing

Elden Ring fan makes amazing black and white art of ‘Let Me Solo Her’ player

An Elden Ring fan shows off a stunning black and white drawing of the legendary Let Me Solo Her player with his swords and pitcher.

pokemon keycaps

Pokemon fan shows off amazing key caps

A Pokemon fan shows off his collection of custom hats featuring various pocket monsters and other famous characters.

Pokemon Legends booklet

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player makes its own booklet for the game

A fan of Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows an instruction booklet they made to go along with their physical copy of the game.

Scarlet and Violet Starter 2nd Evolutions(1)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Their Own Second Starter Forms and Ending Evolutions

A fan of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet draws their opinion on what they think the mid-range evolutions of the game’s starting trio will be.

Elden Ring Skull

Elden Ring Player uses colored stones to decorate giant skull

An Elden Ring player shows off an artwork they created in-game using colored stones to decorate a giant skull that can be found.

Animal Crossing and Elden Ring

Animation imagines Isabelle from Animal Crossing playing Elden Ring

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan shares an animation that shows what could happen if Isabelle decided to play Elden Ring.

Blastoise Regional Variant

Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Regional Variants for Sceptile, Delphox, and Blastoise

A fan of the Pokemon series imagines what regional variants would look like for starters in a Pokemon Legends: Arceus sequel.

Metroid Dread image showing a close-up of Samus wearing her helmet.

Metroid Dread update adds Boss Rush mode

Metroid Dread receives an update that adds several new modes to the Nintendo Switch action-adventure game, including a Boss Rush mode.

Mika Albarn and her friends from Soul Eater

Custom stamps combine Pokémon and Soul Eater

A fan of Pokémon and Soul Eater combined the two franchises by designing custom stamps featuring characters from both series.

Elden Ring Best starting item guide Merchant Kale Church Of Elleh

Elden Ring Invader uses the merchant’s horse as a shield

An Elden Ring player pursues an invader who promptly decides to use the horse of one of the game’s merchants as a body shield.

pokemon logo

Artist draws Pokémon in the style of Lilo and Stitch Experiments

An artist shows several drawings of Pokémon made in the style of the Lilo and Stitch experiments from the animated film.

hogwarts legacy world creation comparison

The Witcher fans can now pre-order an official cookbook with recipes from the games

A cookbook based on the Witcher series will be released later this year and will feature recipes for foods that can be found in the games.

turning red panda

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player recreates Meilin’s room from turning red

An Animal Crossing Player recreates the room of the main character from the Pixar animated film Turning Red within the game.

Elden Ring's Screen of Death

Elden Ring Clip shows how some traps are designed to funnel players to surprise enemy attacks

A clip from Elden Ring shows a player being funneled down a corridor through various traps until they reach a room where they are surprised by an enemy.


Elden Ring Clip is a reminder that players are never safe

After performing a stunning kill on an enemy, an Elden Ring player is unfortunately kicked to death after a missed attack.

Bloodborne Hunter official art

Bloodborne fan shows off stunning Plain Doll card art

A Bloodborne fan shows off an amazing artwork featuring the game’s Plain Doll character beautifully rendered as a card.

Pokemon fan is designing custom animations for each of the 151 original Pokemon

Pokemon fan is designing custom animations for each of the 151 original Pokemon

A Pokemon fan is drawing unique animations for the 151 original pocket monsters that show them walking their evolutionary lines.

Elden Ring Screen of Death

Elden Ring Player and two bosses die simultaneously

An Elden Ring player dies while fighting a couple of bosses, only for the bosses to die next to the player shortly after.

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