Min Min Amiibo lets you scan without unboxing

Preserve Min Min’s value by leaving it in the box while still examining it for Smash.

Nearly three years after the game’s release on Switch, the gradual build-up of the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo’s Ultimate has come to an end. Sora was revealed to be the ultimate Smash Ultimate fighter in what was a pretty spectacular reveal. Even if there isn’t another Fighters Pass, and maybe not another Smash, there are still some gaps to fill. Especially for those who collect the amiibo that comes with Smash Ultimate.

That collection got a little more complete this week when Nintendo released the Min Min amiibo. A figurine that you can scan using the NFC touchpoint on your Joy-Con. Doing so will add Min Min to the fight, and the amiibo is also compatible with some other games. All very good news, but the best news of all for you serious collectors is that it doesn’t look like Min Min needs to be removed from its box to be scanned.


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As first highlighted by Wolf Link on Reddit, Min Min’s amiibo can be successfully scanned without having to damage its precious packaging. This likely means that the sheet that Nintendo used to include in amiibo boxes, preventing them from being scanned before they were opened, has been removed. Nintendo Life tested this with their own Min Min amiibo and had the same success, so it’s likely that the foil was removed from all Min Min amiibo boxes.

On when exactly Nintendo decided to make things easier for serious collectors, Twitter account Amiibo news seems to think that has been the case since the Kirby figurine was re-released. So not too long ago, but a trend that seems to be older than this week’s Min Min amiibo. We may not know if this is a permanent change until the release of the Minecraft Steve and Alex amiibo, which won’t be until later this year after its arrivals were delayed due to production issues.

As for Sora, not only is the release date for his amiibo yet to be announced, as he was the last to join Smash, but there is a possibility that he might not get an amiibo. At least we’ll see him again in Kingdom Hearts 4.

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