Mitch McConnell Is Least Popular US Senator, While His Boss Is Most Liked, New Poll Reveals

A new poll by Morning Consult found that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is once again the least popular senator in the country, with just 33% of Kentuckians approving of his job performance.

Only 18% of Americans approve of Congress as a whole.

McConnell won the Senate election in 1984 and has led Senate Republicans since 2007.

His long lack of popularity has not yet dented his political fortunes in Kentucky. He was handily re-elected in 2020, beating centrist Democrat Amy McGrath by nearly 20 percentage points. He also remains in firm control of the Republican caucus, despite facing regular criticism from Senate candidates for insufficiently supporting former President Donald Trump.

New York Times Journalists Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin reported in a forthcoming book that McConnell was “excited” by the drop in Trump’s political fortunes following the Jan. will again support Mr. Trump if he is the Republican nominee for the presidency in 2024.

McConnell’s lack of popularity in Kentucky stands in stark contrast to the popularity of his deputy John Thune in his home state of South Dakota, where 62% of voters approve of his job performance and only 28% disapprove.

That proportion makes Thune the most popular senator in the country in this poll, although Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent and two-time Democrat, who aides said has not ruled out a third candidacy in 2024 if Joe Biden doesn’t run, also likes the approval of 62% of its voters.

The most notable number in the poll, however, may be the newfound popularity of Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia – the senator who, along with Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, was most responsible for blocking Biden.

Manchin’s approval rating among voters in his state rose 17 percentage points last year to 57% – with those gains coming almost entirely from Republicans. Manchin now has the approval of 69% of Republican voters, up from 35% at the same time last year. Members of his own party went in the opposite direction, 54% of whom now disapprove of it.

Manchin, who has been increasingly the focus of wealthy Republican donors, said he was running for re-election in 2024 and had no plans to change parties. He voted with Biden 96% of the time, but used his power in the evenly divided Senate to block his signature legislation on climate, education, health, child care, housing and tax exemptions for the middle class.

Sinema, who, unlike Manchin, hails from a state that Biden won in 2020, has not seen a similar rise in popularity. His overall approval rating dropped seven points last year and encouraged a potential primary challenge in 2024.

The only other senators who have negative approval ratings are Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, who is facing a re-election campaign this year with a net rating of -14, Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey, who is retiring, and Republican of Maine Susan Collins, who won re-election. -election in 2020.

Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski, a moderate who faces challenges from both her right and left in her state’s jungle primaries in August, has a net approval rating of zero.

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