NBA Playoffs: Mavericks May Have Found Jazz Kryptonite

If the Jazz lose this first-round series to a Dallas club that is playing without Luka Dončić – a loss that would likely bring about a significant change in Utah – they will likely look back on Monday’s Game 2 loss as the night they everything happened separately.

In case point guard Mike Conley’s 0-7 goalless display in 22 minutes wasn’t surprising enough, the Jazz yielded a 41 points, five assists, zero turnover showing 6’1″ of Mavs guard Jalen Brunson in a 110-104 loss that evened the series at 1-1. Nobody—no Luka, no Dirk– in the history of the Mavs had already posted a 40-point, zero-revenue playoff game before that. The man is going to make a lot of money this summer.

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