NFL 2022 Schedule: Rest, Travel, Overall Opponent Strength, and Toughest Stretches

Amid the NFL’s effort to broaden interest in the game and showcase the league’s most salable stars, convenience for member clubs and players often gets lost in the fold. There has always been a huge discrepancy between the cumulative travel distances for certain teams, like the Raiders in 2018 and 19, which were so notoriously washed up that the league’s head of broadcasting offered the closest thing to an apology we’ll ever see from the NFL. .

In 2018, Oakland traveled more air miles than three other teams combined. In 1919, their final season before moving to Las Vegas, the Raiders went from September 22 to November 3 without playing a game at their stadium. And during what one month stretch, they logged more air miles than nearly the entire NFL. Compared to his peers’ comfortable business trips, Jon Gruden was essentially Eudoxus of Cyzicus.

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