‘Not sure if I’ll play next year or not’

After 14 seasons in the NFL, one of the fastest players in the league could be making it to the finish line.

DeSean Jackson, three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, one of the greatest deep threats of all time, is leaning toward retiring unless the “right fit” presents itself.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to play next year or not,” Jackson said in an interview with Ashley Nicole Moss from Sports Illustrated. “I know I announced and said I was going to play. It’s really at this point where I’m at in my life, it has to be the right fit.

“My career has been one hell of a ride.”

That outing most recently took him to Las Vegas, where he played seven games with the Raiders in 2021 after starting the season with the Los Angeles Rams.

Jackson and the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams were not the right fit, which led to Jackson wanting and receiving his release. He landed with the Raiders, who were the fifth team of his NFL career, joining the Philadelphia Eagles (twice), Washington and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson had 20 catches for 454 yards (22.7 yards per catch) and two combined touchdowns with the Rams and Raiders, so he still has the legs to be a game-wrecker.

A big demon who caught 40+ yards in each of his seasons and caught 50+ in all but one, Jackson averaged 17.6 yards per catch over his career with 632. receptions for 11,110 yards and 58 touches. He led the NFL in receiving yards in four seasons and recorded 1,000 receiving yards in five seasons.

“I’ve surpassed every level I thought I had reached,” Jackson said.

If it’s a career for Jackson, it’s been exciting. It all started with the Eagles taking him into the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft, after decorated days at Long Beach Poly in high school and Cal in college. Jackson made an instant impact on the Eagles’ starting lineup as a wide receiver who was also a weapon in control of the ball and as one of the best comeback players in the NFL. After six seasons in Philadelphia, Jackson moved to Washington and eventually to Tampa Bay, where his best days ended as injuries plagued him ever since. Still, he was always a threat for at least one game-changing play per game, which he showed last season when he threw a 56-yard touchdown for the Raiders in a win over the Dallas Cowboys.

As for what the right situation would be to bring him back for Year 15, Jackson said he would need to include a “great quarterback” before listing some of his top destinations.

“Bosses can be one,” said Jackson, who was drafted and played by current Kansas City coach Andy Reid with the Eagles. “The Browns. Russell Wilson in Denver. Green Bay. You’re on the right track, so we’ll see for sure.”

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