PlayStation launches useful guide that explains game terms

PlayStation has come to the aid of new gamers and experienced gamers alike, releasing a list of useful terms that underpin the gaming world.

The Official PlayStation The site has released what it calls “the definitive list of popular terms related to PlayStation games”. This PlayStation list covers anything and everything a person might encounter while playing video games.

The gaming community is large, which can seem overwhelming at first. As a result of the size of the industry and the sheer variety of games, beginning gamers can be bombarded by game jargon that they struggle to understand. Understanding this gaming dialect can be important, especially as the language of games spreads throughout our vocabulary.


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The list of game terms is extremely extensive, coming in at 109 words in total, each with its own definition. The list contains a wide variety of descriptions and there are computing/hardware terms to help people understand consoles better. There are also popular game slang that give people insight into the language of games. Whether it’s figuring out what “Git Gud” (a term originating from FromSoftware’s fans) means or understanding what SSD does in a console, “the final list of popular PlayStation gaming-related terms” covers it. The list itself is presented very nicely, with each letter having its own box, along with occasional screenshots of popular games dotted around the list.

The list is multifaceted content. On the one hand, it can offer a seasoned player a gleeful laugh, with definitions for terms like “Noob” and “Camping” (camping referring to the controversial multiplayer tactic of sitting in a strategic location and killing enemy players). On the other hand, it can help newcomers to become familiar with the dialect.

While this strange and welcome PlayStation release is something for people to enjoy, gamers would probably prefer an update on the company’s upcoming releases. The closest game on the horizon is the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok. The sequel to 2018’s Game of the Year has already been delayed from its initial 2021 release window, though thankfully it appears to be on its way to a 2022 release.

Fans are expecting a State of Play presentation soon to reveal a specific release date for God of War: Ragnarok. Looking at when the company has held State of Play events in the past suggests one could be happening in the next month or two. Players are likely to expect a State of Play to be coming sooner rather than later, with the year passing quickly and still no word on a release date for the next big thing. PlayStation.

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