Pokemon fan shows off Gengar-themed custom Game Boy macro

A Pokémon fan shows off a custom Gengar-themed Game Boy Macro with an awesome pocket monster inlay on the front of it.

Gamers have been customizing their consoles for years. This includes custom faceplates for the PS5 and paint jobs on the consoles. A gamer decided to make his own custom console from a Nintendo DS and then added a pokemon turn to it.

Game Boy Macros are Nintendo DS handhelds that have been modified for Game Boy Advances. This is done by removing the top half of the handheld, leaving the bottom screen and buttons. This is usually done with damaged Nintendo DS systems where the top half has been broken off in some way. As the top half of a Nintendo DS is very prone to damage, it is often a burden to repair. Game Boy macros are often customized after being transformed, creating unique handheld devices with lots of character.


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A player who goes by the name Ds_macro_skull made a Game Boy Macro and added a fan-favorite Pokemon in front of it. The modder has added a Pokémon Gengar decal to his machine, creating a unique Game Boy Advance that any pokemon fan would love it.

Ds_macro_skull added a transparent panel to the Game Boy Macro, which included transparent buttons. They then added a Gengar decal that takes up much of the laptop’s faceplate, with the decal featuring the wide, menacing grin the pocket monster is famous for. According to Ds_macro_skull, the decal was custom made for the Game Boy Macro. It’s a huge fan project that resulted in a beautiful laptop that is a great tribute to pokemon.

The Game Boy Macro by Ds_macro_skull is getting a lot of love. Some who commented are Gengar fans who approve of the handheld, with some creating nicknames for it, such as Gamegar and Gengboy. However, the system has a commenter asking “Why?” Another claims that they attempted to create their own Game Boy Macro, which they managed to work on despite struggling with clearing the upper ridge.

Ds_macro_skull isn’t the only one giving consoles a pokemon remodeling. A Redditor who goes by the moniker The-Waifu-Collector customized his PS5 with pokemon work of art. One side of the console features Jessie from Team Rocket’s pokemon anime. The other features Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, along with two Persians, one regular and the other Alolan. The side with Giovanni also features Mewtwo in the background, as well as the Team Rocket insignia. James and Meowth, who normally accompany Jessie in the anime, are conspicuously absent from the console. Either way, the PS5 is beautiful and is a great piece of pokemon art.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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