Pokemon fan shows off stunning art from every newcomer to the series so far

A Pokemon fan shows off an amazing artwork with all the newcomers to the series, including the three of Scarlet and Violet.

At the pokemon series some of the most well-known pocket monsters are beginners. Each game introduces a new starting trio who are usually the first characters players will meet each generation. They are some of the most important Pokemon in all the main lines. pokemon game, as they often stay with the players throughout the adventure.

There are now 27 starter Pokémon when including the recently revealed scarlet and violet starter pokemon. Over the past 25 years, starters have maintained the tradition of being Grass-, Fire-, and Water-types, although some of them have secondary-type evolutions such as Fairy, Poison, and Ground. They are popular enough that many fans have created art dedicated to them, showing the community’s love for the starter Pokémon.


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An artist named flumanog has assembled all 27 starter Pokémon into one piece. The Pokémon are all drawn in a cartoon style and given their own personalities. This includes Piplup and Chespin waving at the viewer, Litten frowning as he looks to the side, and Torchic standing on Treecko’s tail while spitting an ember into the air. All 27 Pokémon look adorable and help give you a look at every generation in the series.

The work that flumanog released won many fans. Many commented that they love the cute art style and are calling the piece amazing. One fan says that he generally doesn’t like the styles of fan art out there, but he likes flumanog’s work. Another stated that they would love to have the drawing as a poster, although a different fan mentions that they only recognize the top line of Pokémon. Several commentators joked about the look on Treecko’s face and how he seems to want to commit a crime against someone. While many have their preconceptions about which starter generation is the best, all of the Pokémon seen in the art look amazing and look great together like this.

The piece flumanog released isn’t the only great Pokémon early art. A Redditor known as scrazyone1 drew what the original three starter Pokémon would look like if the Venom Symbiote mastered them. All Pokémon feature the fangs, tongue, and eye shape that Venom is known for, while Charmander and Squirtle also have the symbol that Venom has on the chest of his costume. The Bulbasaur’s bulb is black and features what look like veins running up it.

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