Possible Madden NFL 23 cover art spotted in Ohio

Madden NFL 23 has yet to be officially announced, but it looks like one fan in particular of the series has figured out who this year’s cover star is.

The next installment of Madden NFL The franchise has yet to be revealed, but some big news may have come out recently. While GameStop may have been the first to officially tease this Madden NFL 23 is coming, it looks like a look at what the game’s cover will look like is out there in the world.

Just when information about the next installment of the Madden NFL The series isn’t known yet, but it’s common knowledge around the franchise’s gaming community that it’s this time of year when information starts to leak. Typically, the first information officially announced by Electronic Arts is which player or players will be on the cover. This time, the cover star might not be a player.


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one of the most popular To freak out community streamers believe he saw what the next Madden NFL 23 cover will be and posted the photo on Twitter. The user, who goes by DMoney on the social media site, posted that he was speaking in Canton, Ohio, when he saw what the cover was going to be. He then included a photo that appeared to show that the cover of the upcoming game would actually be a photo of the franchise’s namesake, John Madden.

The choice to use the former Oakland Raiders coach and the renowned NFL broadcast makes sense as a tribute considering John Madden passed away in December. While his image and voice haven’t been involved in the game for a few years, there was a time when Madden was always featured on the game’s cover.

It should be noted that Electronic Arts has not made an official announcement about who will be covering this year’s issue. It’s entirely possible that the image posted by DMoney is a version of the game’s cover, but not the only one that will be released in 2022. In recent years, different editions of the game have sported separate covers.

It’s unlikely that fans who may have been waiting to see if the legendary personality will actually be the main cover star will have to wait that long. There is usually an annual pattern behind when EA allows more news about Madden NFL games to start coming out ahead of an official release later in the summer. It looks like an announcement about this homage to John Madden is coming any minute now.

Madden NFL 23 is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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