Pro-Palestinian protesters in US cities call for violent ‘intifada’ against Israel

As Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount has intensified in recent days, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters have rallied in US cities calling for deadly violence and an end to the Jewish state. In one incident, a Jewish counter-protester was allegedly punched in the face for carrying an Israeli flag.

Over the past week, anti-Israel protesters across the United States have publicly called for an end to the State of Israel, while advocating a violent uprising against the Jewish state.

At a rally in Los Angeles, protesters were seen waving Palestinian flags, with signs calling for “Free Palestine” and an end to “ethnic cleansing”.

In a clip from the event, a woman leads the crowd in a chant: “We don’t want two states, we want everything from 48”, in reference to the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the so-called “two state solution”. ”, which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state in exchange for peace with the Jewish state.

However, all Israeli offers of a state were rejected by the Palestinians and, in most cases, met with major escalations of violence, including the infamous launch of the deadly Second Intifada in response to the Camp David peace talks.

“No peace on stolen land,” the woman is also seen shouting, in support of the violent Palestinian riots that have taken place in Israel over the past week.

In another clip, protesters chant: “Long live the intifada!” in reference to the violent uprisings against the Jewish state.

The Palestinians launched two intifadas against the Jewish state, the second of which took place at the beginning of the millennium and saw hundreds of terrorist attacks and thousands of deaths over a four-year period.

In New York, protesters carried banners supporting “resistance” and “revolution” and freedom for “Palestine” “from river to sea”.

Implying that “Palestine” lies between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea – where Israel currently exists – the declaration is a code to eradicate the Jewish state and its millions of Jewish citizens.

According stop antisemitisma watchdog group dedicated to combating anti-Semitic incitement, a Jewish counter-protester with an Israeli flag was physically assaulted at the rally in midtown Manhattan.

Other signs called for Palestinian liberation “by any means necessary”.

The protesters also called for the release of all Palestinian prisoners – many convicted of violent crimes, including murder, of innocent Israeli civilians – while “saluting his leadership in the liberation movement”.

The rally was chaired by Nerdeen Kiswani, founder of Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine (WOL).

kiswani gain the title “anti-Semitic of the year” by last year He follows several incidents of terrorist glorification, threats of violence and accusations of spreading hate “disguising it as criticism of Israel”.

Kiswani is also the former president of the City University of New York (CUNY) branch of the radical Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), whose activists are said to have physically assaulted, bullied and harassed Jewish students on campus.

According to WOL web sitethe group opposes Zionism, which it describes as “a white supremacist colonizing ideology” and rejects any peaceful “collaboration and dialogue” with Zionist groups.

“The liberation of Palestine requires the abolition of Zionism,” he declares.

The website also calls for foreign and domestic resistance against the US, claiming to “defend the right of all persons of oppressed nationality in the United States and throughout the world to engage in all forms of struggle for freedom.”

“We have a responsibility, like those living in the United States, to resist the violence of the American empire at home and abroad,” the website states. “As internationalists, we believe that all people have the right to self-determination and we stand in solidarity with all national liberation struggles across the world, resisting US imperialism.”

After a rally in New Jersey, participants were seen outside a Jewish fraternity house at Rutgers University in an attempt to harass Jewish students.

Similar protests took place in Berlin and London.

In Berlin, protesters were filmed shouting “dirty Jews”.

The protests come as ongoing clashes between Israeli forces and violent Palestinian protesters have erupted on the Temple Mount, following Jewish visits to the site and attempts by protesters to stop them from doing so.

In one incident, a group of Jewish worshipers in the Old City of Jerusalem was filmed being violently attacked by several Palestinians.

The mound is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam. It is administered by the Jordanian Islamic Waqf, which prohibits Jewish and Christian prayer.

Currently, Jews are barred from entering until the end of Ramadan, early next month.

On Wednesday, Israeli police were attacked with stones and firebombs dropped from inside the mosque, with some fires inside the mosque. Several Palestinians were arrested as a result.

“The violence endangers worshipers trying to enter the mosque and has impeded police efforts to guarantee freedom of worship at the site,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry said. he said. “The Molotov cocktails ignited a rug and a window, causing fires that luckily were extinguished before further damage was done.”

Current tensions follow a wave of terror in Israel that has seen multiple attacks on Israeli citizens over the course of two weeks, resulting in 14 deaths.

the deadliest occurred in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak, claiming five lives. Palestinians in several cities came out en masse to celebrate the attacks while handing out candy to passersby.

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