Reggie Fils-Aime Thinks Nintendo Can Bring Z-Fero Back

Reggie Fils-Aime Thinks Nintendo Can Bring Z-Fero Back

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes Nintendo is playing around with new F-Zero ideas behind the scenes.

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently shared an interesting tidbit about the gaming giant. Nintendo is known for its breadth of beloved franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and pokemon. Some of these series have gone on hiatus over the years, and that includes the racing game. F-Zero. However, video game icon Reggie Fils-Aime thinks it might be returning.

F-Zero is long overdue for a sequel, with the most recent addition to the series being from 2004 F-Zero Climax in the GBA. Fans have long been waiting for Nintendo to bring the racing game back, especially on some of the more popular consoles like the Wii and now the Switch. According to Reggie, F-Zero was never truly asleep in the wings.


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In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Reggie shared that Nintendo developers have always been tinkering and working on different gameplay ideas for F-Zero, as is the case with any existing franchise. Reggie believes that somewhere at Nintendo’s Kyoto headquarters, someone is working on a F-Zero idea. The former president of Nintendo of America says there are no conscious decisions to stop supporting a franchise.

My bet is that somewhere in Kyoto’s development hubs, some developer is toying with an idea that can be applied to F-Zero.

One of the questions with F-Zero return would be what the game looks like, especially on Switch. It could be a polished and updated game over the old one F-Zero GX formula on the GameCube. However, Nintendo could think outside the box and maybe get Captain Falcon – the protagonist of F-Zero games – out of your vehicle too. Gameplay innovation is often at the forefront of Nintendo releases.

It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise for Nintendo to bring back the fast-paced racing game. The franchise has gained love in other series over the years, including a mini-game in Nintendo Land on Wii U and tracks on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The franchise is perhaps more popular thanks to Super Smash Bros. Captain Falcon has become a pseudo mascot of the franchise as one of only twelve characters in all of the games dating back to the series’ beginning on the Nintendo 64 in 1999.

it would be hard to imagine F-Zero stay asleep much longer. There have been plenty of seemingly bountiful Nintendo franchises that have made a triumphant return. F-Zero will want to avoid the mistakes that Star Fox made with his return from hiatus. If Nintendo can revive fear of metroid after more than a decade of silence, so F-Zero apparently wouldn’t be far behind. He, along with a franchise like Mother earthtops the list of Nintendo IPs that many hardcore fans want to see back.

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Source: VentureBeat

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