Roy Keane told Rangers legend ‘it doesn’t make sense’ to talk to him

Roy Keane gave a Rangers legend the coldest of welcomes when he arrived at Manchester United and the two did not speak for three months.

Andy Goram, who won five Scottish league titles with Rangers in the 1990s, opened up about his stint at Manchester United in 2000-01 and the death glare he received from Keane – a childhood Celtic fan – as they agreed that ” there was no sense” even talking to each other.

Goram, 36, was brought to Old Trafford as a short-term loan cover for injured Fabien Barthez and Raimond van der Gouw.

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

Steve McClaren, United’s assistant coach, introduced the goalkeeper to his new teammates. However, he had little change from Keane – and Goram explained that was because the United captain was a staunch Celtic man, while Goram is a Rangers hero.

“We never speak,” Goram said on the Anything Goes podcast with James English. “We had nothing in common. Your beliefs and my beliefs are a mile away.

“I met all the players in the dressing room, Steve McClaren took me. I met most of them, the Nevilles and everything, played cricket with their father.

“And it came to Roy Keane and you know, you shake hands. He just looked at me and I said, ‘There’s no point, is there?’ And he said ‘No’ And we never spoke for three months.

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

That’s some look from Keane if it made Goram instantly realize that they would never speak.

Goram went into more detail about how Keane “hated the sight” of him at Manchester United in his autobiography (by Pundit Arena).

“Shark eyes. Dead, devoid of emotion, looking at me. No handshake. Welcome to Manchester United. Roy Keane style,” he wrote.

“From that second I knew there was no point in making an effort with Keane. Roy had things he stood for, things that shaped his life, beliefs he clung to with burning intensity. Well, I had mine. what he did for me that first morning of work at the most famous football club in the world didn’t bother me.

“He was a Celtic man, I was a Rangers man. He didn’t like me. End of story. Fair enough. After all, I’ve done enough for some Celtic fans to dislike me in seven years at Ibrox.

“There shouldn’t be any handshakes. Ever. The truth is we haven’t exchanged a civil word in the three months I’ve been at Old Trafford.”

Keane would play for Celtic for 13 games in the final season of his career, after he was released from Manchester United. After his short stint at Old Trafford, Goram continued playing until 2004, when he retired and worked as a goalkeeping coach.

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