Russia broke Geneva Convention with video of captured Briton: MP

  • A deputy accused the Kremlin of violating the Geneva Convention by broadcasting videos of Aiden Aslin.
  • Aslin was captured by Russian forces and appeared to repeat Kremlin propaganda in a series of clips.
  • Robert Jenrick tweeted a statement from Aslin’s family, saying the videos “must stop”.

A member of British parliament accused the Kremlin of violating the Geneva Convention after Russian state TV broadcast video footage of captured British fighter Aiden Aslin.

Aslin was fighting alongside the Ukrainian armed forces in the besieged city of Mariupol, but was forced to surrender to Russian troops.

Several propaganda clips were aired on Rossia 1 TV networks and RT channels featuring Aslin and his British counterpart Shaun Pinner. Both men fought in Mariupol as part of the 36th Ukrainian Marines Brigade.

Aslin was shown in handcuffs and with cuts and bruises on his face, and made reference to alleged “Nazi atrocities” in Ukraine, which is how Moscow justified its invasion, CBS reported.

In another clip, Pinner appealed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to secure his and Aslin’s release, swapping them with pro-Kremlin Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia described Aslin as a “mercenary”.

Robert Jenrick, deputy from Aslin’s hometown and former minister, tweeted a statement from his family on Tuesday night, saying: “He is not, contrary to Kremlin propaganda, a volunteer, mercenary or spy.”

A former healthcare worker, Aslin moved to Ukraine in 2018 and joined the army, but his life was “turned upside down by Putin’s barbaric invasion,” the family statement said.

Jenrick added: “The video of Aiden speaking under duress and having clearly suffered physical injuries is deeply distressing. Using images and videos of prisoners of war is a violation of the Geneva Convention and must stop.

“Together with the family of Shaun Pinner (the second Britain captured at Mariupol), we are in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that the Russian authorities fulfill their obligations to prisoners of war under international law and ultimately analysis, to secure the release of Aiden and Shaun.”

Insider did not immediately receive a response from the Foreign Office to a request for comment on Aslin’s case.

Aslin’s mother, Angela Wood, had previously asked Putin’s forces to treat her son with humanity.

“I am in shambles. I now hold Vladimir Putin under the Geneva Convention,” Wood said, according to the Daily Mail.

“Aiden is a serving member of the Ukrainian armed forces and as such is a prisoner of war and must be treated humanely.”

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