Saturday, April 23 Solution and tip

Saturday has finally arrived and a glorious weekend stretches out before us. Just a few minutes of that weekend will be taken up with everyone’s favorite word puzzle game – Wordle, the once-a-day puzzle that has captured the hearts and souls of people all over the world, inspiring countless imitations, spin-offs and imitators in the process.

The key to Wordle’s success is its universality. Everyone plays the exact same game with the same word every day. You can share your success stories (or failures) without spoiling that word. And you don’t mind microtransactions or ads (except for a small one when you complete the word that recommends you try the from the New York Times another word puzzle, spelling contest).

It’s actually a super fun and super challenging game that everyone who likes Wordle should give it a go, although it does require a New York Times membership to play. Fortunately, Wordle doesn’t.

Anyway, let’s take a look at today’s word?

Today’s Wordle #308 Answer and Tip

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

But first, a tip:

Popeye’s lover.

And the answer is. . . .


Now, I must confess that since I started using Wordle Bot to analyze my hunches every day, I sometimes get a little . . . riled up.

For example, I think all these guesses were pretty good, and Wordle Bot agrees. up to a point. My first guess is a ‘big opening word’ that reduces possible solutions to 95, Wordle Bot informs me.

My second guess, near, It’s cool.’ Wordle Bot writes, “Before your hunch, there were 16 possible solutions, but now there’s only one. You must solve the puzzle on your next turn.”

I’m doubly confused by this. first i thought plan I reduced my possible solutions to 95, not 16. Second, near can restrict the possible solutions to one from the list of answers, but obviously there are other words no in the list of answers that work. I have no idea if my word is on the answer list or not. when i guessed old I didn’t know it wasn’t a possible solution! Wordle Bot treats this guess as a ‘0’ – a total failure of a guess – simply because, unbeknownst to its humble narrator, it wasn’t on a list of possible answers. As far as I’m concerned, old and Olive are perfectly good words and either assumption makes the same sense.

“OLDIE is a valid guess, but it’s not one of Wordle’s 2,309 solutions — sorry, I don’t make the rules,” writes Wordle Bot. Yeah well I don’t think so either based on the 2309 possible solutions because I don’t know what all of them are and I’m not going to cross-reference that list before I make my guesses.

Oh well I got it on guess #4 and this works for me. Happy Saturday, Wordlers Weekend! We see ourselves on Monday!

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