Sea Of Thieves The Deep Shrouded Guide

Sea of ​​Thieves Adventure 3 has arrived. In The Shrouded Deep, you will be hunting megs not only for various variants of the mythical shark, but also to eventually summon and defeat the Shrouded Ghost, the most elusive boss battle in the game. This multi-chapter story mode will be available until May 12, so make sure you get in there and finish all the actions to earn the exclusive cosmetics before they disappear forever. Here’s everything you need to know to complete The Shrouded Deep.

Step 1: Talk to Larinna, then travel to map the location of the M12 grid

Larinna is once again the liaison between you and the latest Sea of ​​Thieves adventure, so speak to her outside the tavern when you enter the game. She will give you a piece of paper that reveals that the famous shark hunter Merrick is back aboard his once-sunken and still-legendary ship, The Killer Whale.

Before leaving the outpost, it would be wise to stock up on wooden planks and cannonballs by purchasing them in full crates from the Merchants Alliance representative at the pier near your ship. You’ll need lots of wood and cannonballs.. Trust us.

The Killer Whale is shipwrecked on some rocks at the location of the M12 map grid – south of Shipwreck Bay – so head there to speak with Merrick and Belle. It’s Belle’s dialogue option to “continue the adventure” you need most. This will take you to the second chapter of the story.

Step 2: Defeat four Megalodons using the special summoning tools you will receive

Normally, a meg encounter is a random event, but in The Shrouded Deep, you will be able to deliberately spawn and defeat all five variants of the super shark. You can tackle the top four in any order, and they all require the same kind of process. You’ll travel to a specific location, fire a special flare, then defeat the meg and bind its soul to an effigy before placing that effigy on the table aboard The Killer Whale. You will receive an effigy, a unique summoning beacon, instructions on where to go, and a map of the specific cannon to use for each of the first four megs.

Here is where each megalodon will be summoned:

  • Hungering One – Mermaid’s Hideaway (B13 map grid)
  • Shadowmaw – Ruby’s Fall (Y16 grid map)
  • Ancient Terror – Thieves’ Haven (M20 map grid)
  • Crested Queen – Marauder’s Bow (Q3 map grid)
Each shark you summon requires a quartet of quest items that will appear in your radial menu.
Each shark you summon requires a quartet of quest items that will appear in your radial menu.

You may notice that these locations will take you to all four regions of the map. It would be quite a journey if handled entirely on your own, and while you can do it, it won’t be necessary either. As with the game’s first live event, 2018’s The Hungering Deep, you can’t summon the final boss without at least five pirates. This is more than the most complete team possible, which means The Shrouded Deep is designed to be played in co-op with other teams.

Your best bet for this is to bring a full crew and look for other pirates who might be interested in joining. You can even designate someone to stay at The Killer Whale, as other players are sure to be dropping in over the course of the three-week event. If you’re on a team, you’ll be able to handle these mega fights much faster, splitting the workload so that no team has to fight all four preliminary sea creatures.

On The Killer Whale’s summon table, empty plates will eventually be filled with the soul-bound effigies that you and others in your instance of the game collect, even if others aren’t on your team. You don’t need to officially join an alliance using the in-game flag system to reap the benefits of it. If any of the effigies were team-placed in your game instance, you can skip the task of facing this shark. The color code for each of these effigies is as follows:

  • Blue feather effigy – Hungry
  • Red Feather Effigy – Shadowmaw
  • Yellow feather effigy – Ancient Terror
  • Purple feathered effigy – Queen with crest

Even if you haven’t allied with these other crews, you might need them in the end to face Ghost Shrouded, so it’s best to stay friendly if and when you encounter other ships during this adventure.

The Killer Whale... is back?!
The Killer Whale… is back?!

Step 3: Summon the Shrouded Ghost using the special tent

Just like in 2018, you’ll need to gather five or more pirates at The Killer Whale to play a special ditty. Choose your musical instrument and play “Summon The Megalodon” by selecting it from your playlist while you have an instrument equipped. If you’ve been struggling to recruit enough pirates up until this point, luckily the summoning table will now be illuminated with a vibrant green light that shoots into the sky, calling for help from other pirates in the instance.

After a moment of everyone playing the song together, the cloaked ghost will emerge in epic fashion. The fight you might have been waiting for for years is finally underway! This boss battle consists of four stages, with each stage getting progressively more difficult. If by any chance your ship sinks, The Killer Whale is a good backup plan as your cannons still work.

However, keep in mind that if you die, you’ll respawn on your ship, which will have respawned on a different island after sinking, requiring you to sail back into the fray from a random location. So it’s best to try to keep your own ship afloat.

First phase

At first, your fight with the ever elusive shark will unfold like any other megalodon battle. Cannonballs are best here, although shots and tridents will work as well.

Second level

In the second phase, the meg will be hidden while Flameheart’s fleet takes you in a battle of ships. Again, cannonballs are better here.

third phase

In the penultimate wave of attacks, a beefier ghost captain’s ship and Ghost Shrouded will team up to fight you at once. That’s why having multiple ships and allies is very important for this adventure.

Final phase

In the last phase, the entire Flameheart fleet will gather again alongside the special shark for one last fight to the death. Defeat many of them to emerge victorious over Ghost Shrouded – for most players this will be a first.

Step 4: Talk to Belle in The Killer Whale

While the action is behind, don’t forget to talk to Bela one more time and choose to complete the adventure in her dialogue options. A plot twist that we won’t spoil here gives us a hint at what’s next for the Sea of ​​​​Thieves limited adventure saga. Expect the story to continue into May.

The Shrouded Deep – Achievements and Rewards

There are six Deeds, or challenges, to complete during The Shrouded Deep. You can, of course, replay the story mission if you miss any – as if another team put an effigy in your name. Scriptures include:

  • Add an effigy of a hungry man to Belle’s ritual table
  • Add a Crested Queen Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Add a ShadowMaw Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Add an Effigy of Ancient Terror to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Participate in the Shrouded Ghost Summoning Ritual
  • Defeat the Summoned Shrouded Ghost
Two more cosmetics can be unlocked between now and May 12.
Two more cosmetics can be unlocked between now and May 12.

Completing the event once will grant you the Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead, which is a ship cosmetic bearing the likeness of Merrick’s dear wife Serick. Completing all six actions will unlock the unique player title “Summoner of Myths”. While this guaranteed encounter with the cloaked ghost doesn’t count towards other long-standing accolades regarding the sea monster, this player title should be a nice trophy for those waiting nearly half a decade to witness the creature just once.

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