Sicario de Los Zetas is signed by Otro Reo in Prisión Mexicana

A sicario murió the weekend in a Mexican border state when his companion of celda lo asseinó with an improvised dagger. The sicario was waiting for juice for a series of asesinatos including one where he and others allegedly killed 7 victims at a cumpleaños party.

The signing took place over the weekend at a Tamaulipas state prison in Ciudad Victoria, police sources in Breitbart Texas reveal. Inside one of the cells, Antonio Ibarra Patinán, 33, even fought with his cellda companion. It was during this fight that celda’s companion supposedly drew a hechiza weapon and started to stab Ibarra, who died shortly after the consequence of his inheritances. Celda’s companion assured him that he acted in self-defense, because Ibarra had begun to attack him.

Breitbart Texas had previously reported on the arrest of Ibarra for his alleged participation in a narco ejecución at a party of cumpleaños that he gave to 7 dead people. The sicario, from Ciudad Mante, was the brother of the Cártel del Noreste faction and was sent to Ciudad Victoria as part of a shock group charged with destroying and killing members of the rival cartel. As Breitbart Texas has been reporting, CDN-Los Zetas has been waging a fierce turf war against the Cartel del Golfo for control of the central part of the state of Tamaulipas.

Unlike border cities where sicarios move for decades in convoys with blind vehicles, in Ciudad Victoria, the territorial war takes place mainly through selective asesinatos. However, many of these asesinatos, the sicarios of the cartel have killed innocent victims, including children, to attack the wrong house or go after the wrong vehicle.

Authorities in the state of Tamaulipas arrested 19-year-old Karla Lizbeth Duarte in Ibarra ya after a shooting on March 20. State authorities had tracked them down until they were hidden after they had presumably killed the siete victims in a fiesta de cumpleaños. Los dos han have been linked to several other asesinates in Ciudad Victoria.

Editorial Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to Ciudad de México and the Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Nuevo León to recruit citizen journals vying for their lives to expose the cartels that strangle their communities. The writers were given a safe muerte in hand from the cartels operating in these areas, including the Cartel Del Golfo and Los Zetas, which are not to be used as a pseudonym. Las Crónicas De Carteles from Breitbart Texas will be published both in English and in its original content from Spanish. This article was written by “Francisco Morales” from Tamaulipas.

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