Some Steam Deck Blocked Games Are Due to a Technical Issue, Says Valve

There are many games that run on the Steam Deck, but apparently an issue with the backend made it easier for developers to accidentally block a game.

The steam deck it’s a threat to other competitors in the mobile gaming community, especially since it’s not just a console, but essentially a fully portable PC. With Valve updating the device to improve it, such as increasing battery life or adding new features, it’s showing signs of being something that could potentially usher in the next era of gaming on the go. However, there were some issues with some games being blocked, but apparently this has to do with the system itself rather than the studios.


That’s according to a recent report from PC Gamer. It seems that a number of Steam Deck users have been concerned lately when it was discovered that a specific game might have been locked for use in the Deck, suggesting that players were unable to install it, although some have confirmed that it is indeed possible to copy the game’s files. for the device. This is apparently something Valve says is due to a mistake on their part, rather than something the developer did intentionally.

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For the curious, the game in question is the dungeon crawler Demon Gaze EXTRA, a remake of demonic gaze, which was originally released in 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita before being ported to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. In an email to PC Gamer, Valve said it added a feature to the Steam Deck that allowed studios and developers to “tag certain content/deposits” to make it more relevant to customers. However, this has led to some developers accidentally marking things incorrectly. Valve has since updated the system, which should make the issue non-existent going forward.

Perhaps the device’s biggest selling point is that it allows people to play PC games in a portable way. Given that there are already so many great games for the Steam Deck, with more being added, it would be detrimental to the company, as well as its partners, to accidentally make something unavailable to the system when it would otherwise be compatible.

So far, the story of steam deck is one that seems to be full of successes. It’s not perfect by any means, and Gabe and company are consistently working to make it better, but it’s a big step up from the previous hardware efforts Valve has tried. With this issue now fixed, it should be a lot easier for studios to correctly tag their games without causing any confusion.

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Source: PC Gamer

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