Streamer Amouranth Attributes His Success to “Haters Telling Me It’s All Going Down”

Popular streamer Amouranth recently revealed what in her opinion represents the biggest reason for her success. The creator of consent specifically mentioned that “haters” were in fact largely responsible for his meteoric rise to stardom.

Amouranth is currently one of the most watched female streamers on any platform. She has been at the forefront of numerous trends in her midst, becoming a highly controversial figure in the process. The content creator has been under almost constant fire from fans and “haters” since she started streaming several years ago. Amouranth has been banned or suspended on more than one occasion during her time on Twitch.


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The streamer took to Twitter a few days ago to attribute most of her success to the “haters” who tried to drag her down. Amouranth described how “a big part of my success is literally haters telling me everything is going to fall apart when I get older”, adding that “it has driven me to work harder than I could have previously mustered, leading to the hiring of employees who essentially made me help keep me pushing and keeping my trajectory forward.”

Amouranth said hiring good employees helped her avoid burnout. “People underestimate how much teammates help alleviate burnout,” the streamer noted. “Besides, I have wages to pay and mouths to feed. You don’t disappear for months because people are literally trusting you to pay their bills. They are amazing.”

The content creator previously said during an exclusive interview that “I work harder, period.” She went on to say that “I delegate and have a team that I have painstakingly trained and educated. They educate new hires in the culture I’ve established. We all work hard and I make sure the incentives are aligned. At the top, some of my employees earn six-figure incomes. In Texas, this is very significant. I have unlimited profit shares to help align goals.”

Amouranth is currently planning to leave OnlyFans, a platform that reportedly earned him over $1 million a month. The streamer mentioned that her various investments in real estate and small businesses, including gas stations and a pool toy company, have already surpassed her streaming revenue. “All the trolls telling me I would be broke one day led me to save pretty much everything I do and invest in investments or reinvest in content,” she commented on Twitter. “I’m not even a dividend investor, but my equity portfolio currently earns $409,000 in dividends annually after tax.”

While many female streamers are criticized for showing off their sexuality, Amouranth managed to make it work for her by switching from Twitch to OnlyFans. The content creator opened up during the exclusive interview about what drew her to the platform. “I see it as the least friction route to monetization,” she pointed out shortly after making the switch. “The stigma issue of being OnlyFans was not a huge factor. As a streamer, even before OnlyFans, I was subject to much worse things.” Amouranth is planning to return to Twitch in some form as she pursues her career as a real estate and small business investor.

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