Sunbreak previews the new expansion area

Sunbreak previews the new expansion area

Capcom shares new images from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, with a preview of the key new location players can explore in the expansion.

monster hunter sunrise the citadel castle ruins

Capcom’s launch Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is approaching soon. Fans are probably anticipating news and announcements that will come more often from the development team, especially since only a few new monsters in the Dawn were officially revealed. Recently, the developers are revealing more details about the upcoming content, including the new key locale. In a short video, Capcom gave players a preview of the new environment they will be able to explore in the game’s expansion.


Although most fans of Monster hunter probably consider the variety of monsters the biggest incentive to play the game, being able to explore uncharted maps or areas in each new title likely has its own charm. Rise of the Monster Hunter introduced maps with virtually no loading screens, making exploring and hunting a smoother and more enjoyable experience. With Dawnthe new key location will likely offer much more in terms of new Monster hunter endemic life to utilize and interesting secrets to discover.

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On the official social networks of Rise of the Monster HunterCapcom shared a short video tour of DawnThe new area of ​​The Citadel. Previously, the key location was only suggested as the home of DawnMalzeno’s main elder dragon. The footage highlighted the area’s iconic landmark called Castle Ruins. Players will probably remember that this is the main setting for the Malzeno fight when Dawn was announced for the first time. According to the video, hunters will see how nature has taken over the place and how the new monsters contribute to the Citadel’s mysterious atmosphere.

Capcom also shared that The Citadel will have its own distinct ecology. This includes new small monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Additionally, the main location will host a variety of biomes such as frozen lands and poisonous swamps that hunters will have to traverse. Given that the series is known for placing monsters in environments that fit their biology, these new biomes will likely play a big factor in the additional monsters the development team will add. Dawn.

Fans are probably hoping Capcom will bring more of their favorite monsters to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. With launch still a few months away, the development team has more than enough time to make new monster announcements and reveals. With luck, several of them will appease the crowd’s demand for their beloved monsters to make a comeback in the latest title.

Rise of the Monster Hunter is now available for PC and Switch, and Dawn will be released on June 30th.

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