Texas Baseball Loses to Notre Dame in 2022 College World Series Opening

Texas Baseball Loses to Notre Dame in 2022 College World Series Opening

Texas Baseball Loses to Notre Dame in 2022 College World Series Opening

Texas infielder Murphy Stehly (14) celebrates a score against the Air Force during the NCAA playoff game at Disch-Falk Field in Austin, Texas, June 3, 2022.

Texas infielder Murphy Stehly (14) celebrates a score against the Air Force during the NCAA playoff game at Disch-Falk Field in Austin, Texas, June 3, 2022.

For Texas and Notre Dame, the 2022 College World Series kicks off Friday night.

Texas is making its 38th appearance in the College World Series. Three of these trips to Omaha were directed by David Pierce.

Notre Dame reached the College World Series in 1957, 2002, and 2022. During his 1957 appearance on college baseball’s biggest stage, Notre Dame recorded a 9–0 victory over UT. This was the first of six all-time meetings between Texas and Notre Dame. Each team has won three times in this series.

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Texas and Notre Dame’s first pitch at Charles Schwab Field is scheduled for 6:15 pm. Follow live updates:

Texas finished by Notre Dame as Aggies waits in an elimination game

For the second year in a row, Texas missed its College World Series debut. Last year, Texas were beaten 2-1 by the State of Mississippi in the first game of an Omaha trip, in which the Longhorns ended up playing five times. On Friday night, UT lost a game 7-3 to Notre Dame.

Jared Miller and Carter Putz’s solo home runs represented the first and last runs of Notre Dame on Friday. The Irishman also scored in two single runs, a groundout, a bunt and a balk.

Notre Dame southpaw John Michael Bertrand was credited with the victory. Pete Hansen was marked with defeat.

Notre Dame (41-15) advances to face Oklahoma in the winner’s bracket on Sunday night. Texas (47-21) should try to avoid elimination against Texas A&M on Sunday afternoon. Oklahoma (43-22) opened their stay in Omaha with a 13-8 victory over Texas A&M (42-19).

Notre Dame is three out of a big win in Omaha

With Notre Dame leading 6-3, reliever Jack Findlay crossed the eighth inning. Left-hander Findlay eliminated Ivan Melendez, sent Murphy Stehly flying and forced Austin Todd to fall. Melendez, Stehly and Todd all have right-handed bats and batting averages that top .320.

Texas reliever Tristan Stevens kept that deficit manageable for the Longhorns. Thanks to a double play in the sixth session, Stevens faced the minimum amount of hitters in the sixth, seventh and eighth innings.

Texas runs out of eliminations in College World Series opener

At the end of the seventh inning, UT is still facing a 6-3 deficit in their College World Series opener. Texas has scored in each of their last two innings but was goalless in the seventh session.

Jack Brannigan, third baseman for Notre Dame, got two hard-hitting line units as the Longhorns tried to do something after the seventh-inning stretch. Texas eventually tied a two-out walk, which led to a pitch change. Notre Dame freshman Jack Findlay eliminated Eric Kennedy to close out the entry.

After John Michael Bertrand Leaves Game, Texas Scores on Wild Field

Notre Dame made a pitch change in the sixth inning. Starter John Michael Bertrand gave Notre Dame 5 1/3 six-hit innings. Bertrand took out four Longhorns and just walked.

Relieving Alex Rao eliminated the two batters he faced after receiving the bullpen’s call. The runner he inherited from Bertrand, however, scored when he threw a wild pitch.

Notre Dame now leads 6-3.

After falling behind for five races, Texas slightly cuts Notre Dame’s lead

Down 6-1 after Notre Dame hit in their half of the fifth inning, Texas managed a small offense in the lower half. The Longhorns are still down 6-2.

Douglas Hodo III, whose father won a national championship in Texas in 1983, picked Dylan Campbell with an out. Before stealing second base, Campbell hit base on an opening single.

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To close out the inning, Notre Dame pitcher John Michael Bertrand had Ivan Melendez enter the pick of a defender. Named the winner of the Dick Howser Trophy this morning, Melendez is 1-for-3 tonight.

Notre Dame extends the lead as Texas stumbles into a forgettable fifth frame

Texas fell into a deeper hole in the fifth inning when Notre Dame scored in two singles runs. Building on his 6-1 lead, the Irishman also ran home on a balk called before UT reliever Tristan Stevens even threw his first pitch of the night.

Stevens entered the game with one out in the fifth inning. The start of his shift meant the end of Pete Hansen’s night. Hansen was off to what was arguably his worst start to the season. But a week after hitting seven hits and five runs won in four innings in East Carolina, Hansen allowed nine hits and six runs won.

Voided call hurts Texas as Notre Dame regains its two-run lead

After Texas used a bunt to reduce its deficit, Notre Dame countered that move with a scoring bunt of its own. With the runners in the corners with one out, Spencer Myers dropped a ball that marked Jack Brannigan from third base.

Due to a nice flip to UT pitcher Pete Hansen’s catcher Silas Ardoin, Brannigan was originally called up for the play. That decision was overturned after a lengthy review.

Texas enters the scoreboard, but misses a chance to tie Notre Dame

After John Michael Bertrand opened the game with two shutout innings, Texas found some offense in the third frame. The Longhorns scored their first run of the day when Dylan Campbell ran home from third base on an Eric Kennedy bunt.

On the scoring play, Bertrand hit Kennedy’s bunt squarely. Instead of just retiring Kennedy, Bertrand tried to take down Faltine at second base. He was successful in doing just that and that play soon mattered when Ivan Melendez scored on the next shot.

Had Faltine been at second base, Texas would have tied the game on Melendez’s single. Instead, Texas had Kennedy at third base and Melendez at first base. Notre Dame then escaped this jam with a strikeout from Murphy Stehly.

Notre Dame builds a 2-0 lead as Ryan Cole finds his way through the bases

Notre Dame extended his early lead in the third inning when he scored in an elimination. That play marked Ryan Cole, the Notre Dame hitter who was hit by a pitch, stole second base and then passed to third base on a Jared Miller single.

Texas star Pete Hansen threw 49 shots in three innings. He allowed four hits.

Texas and Notre Dame both run aground in second innings

Texas won a challenge in the second inning when what appeared to be a Skyler Messinger elimination was overturned by a review. The Longhorns, however, could not take advantage of the extended inning and soon recorded their third elimination in an actual groundout.

On top of the second inning, Notre Dame scored twice and had two runners on board with one out. Pete Hansen managed to get out of the jam by eliminating Brooks Coetzee and taking Spencer Myers to the ground. Notre Dame lineup #8 and #9 hitters Coetzee and Myers combined an RBI in the NCAA Tournament.

Notre Dame strikes first, Jared Miller goes deep

Back in Omaha for the first time in 20 years, Notre Dame quickly reintroduced itself to the College World Series scoreboard. With one out at the top of the first round, a solo home run by Jared Miller to right field gave Notre Dame a 1-0 lead.

The winds are blowing over Charles Schwab Field. However, Oklahoma and Notre Dame matched for four homers during the first game of the day.

As the first pitches approach in Omaha, Texas and Notre Dame turn into left-handed aces

Texas and Notre Dame will start as veteran southpaws on Friday night. Pete Hansen (11-2, 3.40 ERA) is in the midst of his third season in Texas and pitched twice in Omaha last year. John Michael Bertrand (9-3, 2.69) has never before appeared in the College World Series, but the sixth-grade southpaw is no rookie.

Texas is the designated home team in this game.

This article originally appeared in Austin American-Statesman: Texas baseball vs Notre Dame in the College World Series live updates

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