The 2022 NFL Draft Is Complete in Las Vegas, but a Key Detail from the Original Plan will be Missing

No city in the world knows how to host a big event like Las Vegas, and the NFL is definitely planning to take advantage of that fact when the draft starts on Thursday.

The NFL has big plans for Las Vegas, and one of the biggest plans involves a red carpet stage being built over the water in front of the Bellagio fountains. The NFL put the finishing touches on the construction of that stage this week, which means you can now get a good idea of ​​what things will look like when the draft starts.

See what the red carpet stage looks like up close:

When the sun goes down, here’s what the draft stage will look like under the neon lights of Las Vegas:

While both of the videos above show the stage, the water, and the Bellagio, they don’t do the scene justice. To get a complete picture of what the set looks like, you really need a bird’s eye view and we happen to have one of those.

In the photo below, you can see what the red carpet set will look like for those staying at the Bellagio this weekend.

And here’s another shot of the stage from above:

The only way to get past these two shots is to get some drone footage of the draft set and that’s exactly what Fox 5 in Las Vegas did this week.

If you watch the footage, you’ll get a better idea of ​​the whole setup.

Also, here is a photo that will give you a better idea of ​​where the red carpet stage is set up on the strip.

After the player walks the red carpet at the Bellagio fountains, they will be quickly transported to the main draft stage, which is about a mile away from The LINQ Hotel + Experience.

Vegas was originally supposed to host the 2020 draft, but due to the pandemic, the draft was moved to Roger Goodell’s basement. Although the draft was not held in Vegas that year, the NFL drew up plans for what the event would look like. While this year’s plan and 2020’s plan are quite similar, there is one big difference: there will be no boats involved.

By 2020, the NFL would have a boat takes every perspective to the main stage. However, sometime last month, the league decided to scrap that plan, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

While the red carpet area will likely have plenty of TV airtime this week, that’s not where the heaviness of the action will take place. When teams make their picks this week, they won’t be at the Bellagio. Instead, they’ll make those picks at the NFL Draft Theater, located behind the High Roller Ferris wheel and next to the Caesars Forum.

Here’s what the draft theater main tent will look like when it’s complete.

The big white tent is where the main stage of the draft will be, which means it’s the area where Goodell will announce the picks. The forum will be the home of the selection square, where all 32 teams will be assembled.

To make this all work, Vegas will do something it almost never does: close off a part of the iconic track. The part of the lane located in front of the Bellagio will be closed to vehicular traffic during the three days of the draft. Flamingo Road will also be closed between the Strip and Koval Lanewhich will allow fans to freely walk from the Bellagio red carpet stage to the main event space near the forum.

With the draft taking place in Vegas, there will be no shortage of entertainment. Fans attending the festivities will be able to see everyone from Ice Cube to Criss Angel and Blue Man Group. (You guys you can see the full lineup here.)

The draft will begin on April 28 with the first round. The next two rounds of the draft will be held on April 29 and the final four rounds will be held on April 30. in Vegas.

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