Biggest Gaming News June 18 2022

The biggest gaming news for June 18, 2022

The Boys face a community problem, Bungie makes the Destiny 2 cheaters pay dearly, and Lewis Hamilton starts a retro game console collection.

Saturdays are for sleeping late, so you’ve probably fallen behind with everything that’s going on in the gaming world, but don’t worry because we’ve got this news roundup ready for you. Today, we hear about how the community that follows The Boys is falling apart, Bungie has struck a deal with a Destiny 2 cheat creator for a massive amount of money, and racing legend Lewis Hamilton has become a game console collector. retro. These are just our top stories, so keep reading for the rest.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion is “bigger than a mere HD Remaster”

Fans of the franchise were delighted to find that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion is currently in the works. While some of them started to wonder if this would be nothing more than another remaster, the developer behind the game, Square Enix, revealed that players would have something new to look forward to. “By incorporating the latest HD graphics, every character in the game will have a completely new 3D model,” reads the official description. vividly reimagined. Gameplay will be optimized to be as seamless as possible and incorporate multiple battle systems.” In other words, we’ll find out when the game launches.


Destiny 2 Cheat Maker and Bungie Agree to $13.5M Deal

Elite Boss Tech has been selling cheats in Destiny 2 for some time now. The group unsurprisingly attracted the attention of its developer, Bungie. The result was naturally a huge court case. The latest development is that Elite Boss Tech and Bungie have agreed to a staggering $13.5 million deal. What remains to be seen is, of course, whether Elite Boss Tech will pay. I, for one, am guessing probably not.

Sonic Fans Think Boundaries Will Be Defined in Sonic’s Memories

Sonic fans speculate that Sonic Frontiers will be set in Sonic’s memories. This line of thinking is primarily based on recent trailers that have been the subject of controversy. “Given the fact that Sonic has amnesia in Frontiers and the fact that we’ve seen Sky Sanctuary and a similar level to Green Hill, and if Sonic is literally reliving his memories through Cyberspace levels and you gain context and piece the story together with each level ” asked one user. It sounds absurd, but who knows?

Racing legend Lewis Hamilton takes to the track in a Sega Genesis

The famous Formula 1 driver with Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was recently seen playing an old Sega Genesis game, Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP2. Hamilton is currently in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix and the first thing he did after getting off the plane was heading to a store that sold retro game consoles. “I landed in Montreal and went straight to a retro game store,” the Formula 1 driver said on Instagram. “I bought a Sega Genesis and, of course, the Super Monaco GP 2 from Ayrton Senna. I loved this game when I was a kid and I still do. Still hold on! Naturally, I got super competitive with myself. My personal best is now a 49 second lap. I’m sure I can beat this, though. That’s only after a few tries. I’ll let you all know when I beat him.” The post currently has over a million likes.

The community that has formed around The Boys has apparently fallen into chaos because of “politics”. In the words of journalist Ryan Broderick, “The Boys subreddit is in chaos right now. Topics being blocked, angry users deleting entire accounts. It’s amazing. Right-wing users are complaining about ‘no politics’, but it’s impossible to talk about the program without them now. Fans who thought Homelander was cool are collapsing.” It seems that some people have just realized that what they were seeing was actually satire.

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