The billionaire who drove his Bugatti Veyron faster than 257 mph in Germany will not be punished

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His name is ray passer, he is a Czech businessman and, in addition to being a billionaire, he likes to drive fast. Very fast. In November 2021, Radim uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of him driving his Bugatti Chiron on a road in Germany. The content went viral as the man lifted the car to 257 mph, thus breaking a record of 249 mph he himself set aboard a Buggati Veyron in 2012.

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On the mythical German roads, known as autobahns , there are no speed limits and for years Passer has been testing the luxury cars he is passionate about there. To take the Bugatti Chiron to the extreme, Passer used a stretch of the A2 motorway between Berlin and Hannover, driving at dawn. But before the billionaire’s feat, the german transport minister reacted and issued a statement in which it “rejected any behavior that could put road users at risk”. Citing the first clause of the German traffic law, the statement explains that: “all road users must comply with the rules of the traffic regulation and any person participating in traffic must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, placed in danger or obstructed. or troubled more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.”

After several months of controversy, the German authorities decided don’t punish the driver , as he carefully chose the day and time to take the test. In the video’s narration, Passer mentions on several occasions his concern about breaking the record safely: “The A2 section was a 10km three-lane straight with a slight dip in the middle, so there was visibility everywhere. the stretch. Safety was a priority, so the circumstances had to be safe to go.”

Who is Radim Passer?

The 58-year-old Czech tycoon owns the Passerinvest Group, a company dedicated to real estate development. In addition, he built and helped develop several kindergarten and elementary schools. He is a highly religious man who, in addition to being successful in the business world, has become a media and social media sensation. He is the thirty-third richest man in Czechoslovakia.

His YouTube channel has 22,700 subscribers and the video in which he drives the Bugatti Veyron surpasses 2.2 million views.

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