The first Forza Horizon was temporarily available for purchase online yesterday

The original Forza Horizon briefly appeared on the Xbox store yesterday with some able to purchase the game before it disappeared (as seen by VGC). This has led fans to speculate that the game could be making an official reappearance.

Developed by Playground Games, the first Forza Horizon dates back to 2012 and was a critically acclaimed triple A release for the Xbox 360. Its sudden unexpected appearance on the Xbox store was a big surprise.

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The original Forza Horizon saw players taking part in street races in the US state of Colorado. Later games would dramatically expand the range of the airship area with subsequent entries going to Europe, Australia, Great Britain and Mexico – but it all started with the more modest range of the western US state (which in real life is larger than the UK). , But anyway).


Social media users reported that they could purchase Forza Horizon from the Xbox Store on Saturday, but later the same day the game was removed once again. It is unknown if this was an accident or an indication that it is being prepared for an official re-release. As the VGC explained, Forza games are expected to be withdrawn from sale a few years after their release, as third-party licenses that allow use of real-world cars, racetrack, and other aspects begin to expire. For example, Forza Motorsport was pulled from sale in September 2021, just four years after launch.

However, if users were quick enough to purchase Forza Horizon yesterday, they should have access to the game indefinitely. A lucky buyer showed off the game. YouTuber Jamie Moran shared footage of the game running on his Xbox Series X. “Such a fun game, it still holds up really well and it’s 4K on the Series X and One X,” he said.

The latest entry in the series, Forza Horizon 5, set in Mexico, has been the most successful so far, reaching over 15 million players since launching in November 2021. But it’s pretty cool that some players, who were fast enough, you are now able to enjoy the original entrance where it all started.

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