The MultiVersus Iron Giant Controversy Explained

MultiVersus‘ official cinematic trailer is all about teams, as characters from various Warner Bros. are played in a shared multiverse. MultiVersus‘ cinematic trailer also confirmed three new characters to its roster: Looney Tunes‘ Demon of Tasmania, Scooby Doofrom Velma, and the iron giantsentient robot holder.

The Iron Giant appears last in the trailer, announcing himself as Superman in an exciting duo with DC Comics’ Superman – and even dons the red ‘S’ symbol from his animated film. This seems to be a game made in heaven like this moment in MultiVersus‘ cinematic trailer finally unites the two. However, some fans are upset by the Iron Giant’s inclusion, finding issues with the way he is being represented.


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MultiVersus Iron Giant Is Potentially Explorer

The inclusion of the Iron Giant has caused some disappointment in dedicated fans of the iron giant film and a thematic message that the title character expresses through his actions. the iron giant‘s character is strongly opposed to violence and is taught not to use his built-in weaponry, but the Iron Giant is now being used as a cameo pet that recklessly enters combat. More recently, the Iron Giant was used as a character’s avatar at the end of player 1 ready, fighting entire armies in a virtual reality environment. This has angered fans who know this is what the original character was opposed to, and many believe his inclusion in the MultiVersus also be grossly misrepresenting the character’s morals.

Ultimately, it’s up to Warner Bros. which characters are selected, and the Iron Giant’s choice was likely due to brand recognition and the fact that fans would be able to instantly recognize the character as part of MultiVersus‘ line up. Still, fans question the decision as it makes The Iron Giant‘s themes are null and void in terms of how the character is adapted. If it were up to them, the Iron Giant would not be part of any title that required him to engage in combat or violence.

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MultiVersus Iron Giant is also seen as healthy

Of course, not everyone has their moral compass aligned this way for a crossover fighting game inherently built on fan service, and some might not care about Iron Giant’s purposes outside of its animated film canon. These people seem to see the inclusion of Iron Giant as a fun nostalgic trip to one of their favorite childhood movies. In this way, it can be appreciated that they are able to play as Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

Some fans also expressed that the partnership between Superman and the Iron Giant is healthy, and that MultiVersus does not promote legitimate violence or a penchant for violence despite being a fighting game. As a platform fighter, it’s hard to argue that any action or combat is purely violent or malicious, especially given the MultiVersus‘ cartoon style.

It can’t be said that SpongeBob SquarePants is inherently violent now that he’s part of the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawlfor example, like this MultiVersus indisputably offers the same lightness. It will be up to each fan whether this inclusion of a character bothers them or not. But if the Iron Giant is in any Warner Bros. game, this is perhaps the healthiest use of the character, given how it ties into a canon interest with Superman. In the meantime, interested fans can apply for MultiVersus‘ closed alpha, which starts next week.

MultiVersus is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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